Friday, October 2, 2015

Weeks 39 and 40: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

Friday, September 18

I had to wait until Ivan got back from the Men's Advance to get access to his photos. There were a lot of good ones, which I whittled down to the Top Ten, and then further divied them up into two collages plus the group shot. The whole point for getting together was so the men who serve with our mission in Argentina could finish working through and developing field policy. Our area director flew down from the states to lead the group, and they had a wonderful time working together...
...and eating together, as Miguel and Mari prepared amazing meals for them.
Here's the group in front of the house in Sta. Rosa:
[Miguel and Mari are the couple who look after the property for us. They are such gems!]

Monday, September 21

I know for most of you who read this blog, you experienced the first day of fall today but here in the southern hemisphere it's the first day of Spring! And in case we weren't aware, Google had this cool GIF to inform us of the fact. I grabbed this screen shot which, unfortunately, doesn't show the fun animation as the flowers "grow".

Tuesday, September 22

When the men from Monte de Luz get together for Bible study, they also eat. And eat well, thanks to the wife of the man who hosts the study. Ivan took a few photos with his phone so I put together a collage:

Thursday, September 24

I'd love to know what this tree (or very large bush) is -- anyone have a clue? The blossoms look like small golden yellow pompoms.
[Edited to add: Ivan says this is an Aromo, native to Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Paraguay.]

Friday, September 25

Normally the climbing yellow roses don't bloom until October. I've seen them all over town for a couple of weeks already. I love how this one climbs up and over the roof of the house.

Saturday, September 26

Okay, I know I shared a Words With Friends screen shot recently, but I couldn't help but share again because I TOPPED IT!
I managed to cover both a double word tile, triple word tile AND use all my letters! Woot!

Sunday, September 27

As we came out of church today, I noticed activity at the house across the street. Looks like someone had a baby boy!

Ivan tried to get a good photo of the moon tonight with our Canon Rebel, without success. Actually the best shot of the evening was one he took with his phone! Not great, but better than the ones he took with the camera.

Monday, September 28

On our walk today we took some photos of a gorgeous wisteria vine that completely covers the side wall of a property. I couldn't pick just one so created another collage:

Late afternoon we were sitting outside on the patio reading when we saw some folks riding by on bicycles and motorcycles. Not an unusual occurrence, but what stopped us in our tracks was the passenger on one of the motorcycles!
You never know what you might see around here :)

Tuesday, September 29

Ivan had arranged to pick up Javier early to spend the day painting at the church. I'm not very with it first thing in the morning, and now that I can no longer drink caffeine, it takes me a while to really wake up. So it was a few hours later that I was alert enough to notice this on our kitchen wall, up near the ceiling:
I couldn't tell what it was, and wasn't about to climb on a chair and get close enough to find out either! I waited until Ivan came home that afternoon. It was a snail. How it got there we have no idea. I was just relieved it wasn't the start of a hornet's nest or something. Ivan carried him back outside and we hope he stays there.

Wednesday, September 30

Ivan left early to paint at the church again, and a short while later I received a text from him: "Check out the locust blooms behind the house. Te amo!" So I grabbed the camera and, still in my pajamas and robe, went around the side of the casita to see an explosion of blooms on the many locust trees behind our property. So pretty!

Shortly after lunch Ivan popped home to pick me up for a color consultation at the church. Javier was busy painting when we got there:
On the way home we saw this tree:
I'd love to know what it is. Any one know? From a distance it looks like giant lilac blooms, but up close the individual flowers look like orchids. Absolutely gorgeous! And you can see the scale of the flowers by looking at the tree next to our car. As they say here: ¡Increible!
[Edited to add: Ivan did some research and discovered it is a paulownia fortunei, also known as the Royal Empress Tree.]


Mari said...

Well! I never thought you were this type of person. Here I am, sitting under a blanket and feeling a little blue because summer is done and it's getting cold. I go to visit my bloggy friend and she is rejoicing in Spring and flowers!!! Nothing like rubbing it in...
:) Enjoy!

The Bug said...

I love all those flowering trees! Gorgeous! We have some flowering trees here (and wisteria), but your pictures remind me of Raleigh - and Zambia :)

Ivan said...

The tree with the yellow pompoms is called Aromo. A native thorny tree.
Sure would love knowing what that tree with the purple flowers is. That's the only one I've ever seen.
Te amo

rita said...

Beautiful spring blooms.
So fun to see Sta. Rosa house as a hub for missions!