Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 43: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

Friday, October 16

The quilt is finished! When I initially designed it, I'd planned to add thin sashings between sections and a wide border all around. As you can see, the design evolved and instead I ended up adding wide "frames" around each section, which made the quilt longer than normal. But Tina is okay with it, which is all that counts.
I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think the color blocking packs a bigger punch than mixing the colors all together would have done. I used mid-century modern motifs in the quilting, too, to stay with the theme.

Sunday, October 18

Mother's Day in Argentina!  It was especially lovely to have two ladies attend who haven't been there in quite a while. Adela suffered a stroke several months ago and still has trouble getting around, even with a three-legged cane and help.

You may remember DesirĂ©e from the baby shower photos in the P365 post of June 20th. Their little Thiego was born not long afterward with some health issues which have kept them home. But this Sunday her husband stayed with Thiego so Desi could attend church with their daughter Delfina.

This had to be a difficult holiday for Alicia, her first Mother's Day since her son died. Her mother passed away this year, too. Despite the sadness she's endured, Alicia is faithful. She's honest about how she's hurting, but she gives thanks for God's goodness in the midst of her suffering.

Monday, October 19

Loooooooooong day! Started with an 8 a.m. appointment with the physiotherapist who's helping me with back pain. Today she showed me some more exercises to do each day that will stretch the lower back and neck muscles. Then it was off to Cordoba where I had another appointment, this time with the ear specialist. This was my view while we waited to be called back.
Taken with my phone, it's not a very good photo, but shows that doctor's waiting rooms look pretty much the same wherever you go. The appointment went much as I'd expected; the doctor recommended I continue with the medication since I still have occasional bouts of tinitus, vertigo and hearing loss.  

While we were in Cordoba we ran some other errands, too. Ivan was able to get the heating elements he needed to fix our toaster oven, we did some grocery shopping and stopped for lunch at our favorite restaurant, Viejo Lobo. It's one of the few places I feel comfortable eating out. I snapped this shot of Ivan while we waited for it to open.

Tuesday, October 20

Ivan met Javier for coffee this morning. He took this picture, because the store in the background has the same name as Javi's wife, Carina.

Earlier Ivan had received a text from one of the stores in town that carries gluten free products. They make and sell empanadas, pizzas and other goodies and just started offering at-home delivery. Pablo sends Ivan photos of what's available, so I put together a collage with two of the photos:
We bought a variety of empanadas and also a box of baking powder since I was almost out. I can see the home delivery being especially handy during the crazy summer months when we don't want to go downtown because it's so crammed with tourists. I put the packages of empanadas in large zip locks and stick them in the freezer. Super handy when we have friends drop by around merienda time, or on days when I'm completely knackered and don't feel like cooking.


Mari said...

The quilt turned out beautiful! I know it'll be a treasured keepsake.
You spotlighted some pretty special moms. Glad they could be there.
Yay for the gluten free products!

The Bug said...

Gorgeous quilt! Your grandkids are so fortunate...

It sounds like your health is kind of on an even keel right now (except for back pain). Good!

rita said...

Beautiful long quilt. Maybe Betsy will be a long baby!
Never heard the name Thiego before. is he doing okay?
Gluten free empanadas. Yum.