Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week 3: Project 365, the 2016 Edition

Tuesday, January 19

We've started harvesting tomatoes from the container garden. We have a lot of cherry tomatoes coming on, plus a few of the larger variety. Have to stay on top, as you know, or they quickly rot on the vine (as some have started to do).

Thursday, January 21

Not a lot of photos this week, and that's primarily due to me not feeling up to par. I started having a sharp pain in my upper back last week, sometimes accompanied by a tightness in my chest and the feeling I can't get enough oxygen. We went to my doctor who referred us to a cardiologist, who we saw this evening. He only had a stethoscope, but he didn't hear any irregularities with it so he thinks I've simply pulled a muscle in the thoracic region. To be on the safe side he'd like me to have some tests done, but we're holding off until February for those. I'm hopeful that if it's a pulled muscle like he thinks, the pain will go away on its own and we won't need to spend money on unnecessary tests. Meanwhile I just stop and take it easy when the pain gets really bad.

All that by way of explanation for this next photo. Earlier in the day we had to park at one end of town and walk down to the clinic where the cardiologist keeps office hours, to set up the appointment.  [During January our town is overrun by tourists and finding a parking space is challenging, to say the least.] On the way back Ivan stopped to take care of some errands but I continued my slow meandering to the car, taking a side street I'd never been on before. At the end of the block was this lovely Spanish style home with the most inviting porch. You can't really tell in this photo, but it wraps around to the front, too. It was a scorcher of a day, and it looked so cool and pleasant on that well-shaded porch!

Friday, January 22

I've been meaning to take a photo of the morning glories growing on the dilapidated fence for the longest time. This is the lot next to ours, right on the corner of the new costanera.
The fence was never in the best condition, but it's falling down completely on one side because the owner uses the lot as a spot for storing broken concrete. Periodically he drives a big dump truck onto the lot and drops off a load and periodically he comes back and picks it up and hauls it off. I'm quite curious as to what he's doing with broken concrete. Any ideas?

I wasn't kidding when I said yesterday was a scorcher. It's been really hot all week, as evidenced by a check of the weather this evening:
I can't handle the heat like I used to, and even with the air conditioner going full blast, by mid-day it's 80 degrees inside the casita. Ugh! Which means if anything is going to get done, it has to be in the morning because by afternoon I am completely wilted. I'm hoping the forecast is right, and we'll see some cooler weather early next week. Meanwhile, those of you in the U.S. who are suffering severe winter conditions, stay warm and stay safe! 


rita said...

Love the morning glories-dilapadated fence pic!
That porch does look inviting!

So sorry you are experiencing pain...and have to wait to be tested! Take care!

sara said...

will be praying it is just a pulled muscle and it heals quickly!!

that porch is beautiful and yes, very inviting!!

Are you growing other vegetables?

The Bug said...

Love the morning glory fence! No ideas on the broken concrete - what a mystery!

So sorry you have had pain. I'm glad the cardiologist doesn't seem to think it's your heart. I think I might have shingles - what the heck! I had them when I was in high school & it was not fun, so I'm hoping this is just some other kind of weird rash. It's exclusively on my left leg & doesn't really itch. VERY weird.

I think I might have had to trespass & enjoy that porch for just a bit :)

Mari said...

Fresh tomatoes! You are making me jealous. :)
Sorry to hear about your health issue. I'll be praying that pain goes away quickly.
Love the morning glories!