Friday, January 1, 2016

Week 52: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

Saturday, December 26

Some of you may have seen this picture on facebook already. I shared how it's not a good idea to try and refill your pepper mill right after you've chopped an onion that made you cry. You may inadvertently grab the mini chocolate chips instead -- and then spend five minutes separating them.

Sunday, December 27

A very hot day! It was the hottest day of the summer so far, hitting 100 degrees by mid-afternoon.

In place of our regular morning service, we moved it to the evening, and to a different venue to accomodate a bigger crowd. Why? Because we had a baby dedication for the little guy who was born in July (and had so many health problems initially). It's only been in the last six weeks or so that they've been able to take him out and about; prior to that they had to be very careful he didn't catch an infection.

Thankfully the community center where we had the service was air conditioned. It was still warmish with so many people, but it was a whole lot nicer than if we'd had it at the much smaller, un-air conditioned church. Quite a few friends and family of the young couple dedicating their baby attended, along with the congregation of Monte de Luz. Pastor Molina asked Ivan to take charge...

...but he was part of the service as well, sharing Scripture in both word and song (this is Psalm 148 set to music) (Not the best video; I was using our little point-and-shoot camera and sitting behind the great grandparents; best I could do):

Thiago Presentación from Kimberly Hoyt on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 29

Ivan had a colonoscopy in the morning. We were very impressed with the large clinic, really more like a hospital. They were very efficient, sort of rushing us out of there while Ivan was still feeling woozy, so the next patient could be put into the recovery room. We made our way to one of the cafés on the ground level where he could have a fruit smoothie and a pastry. There was only one wait staff for the whole café, so service was quite slow but that gave Ivan time to fully recover from the anesthesia. We got a kick out of the different sayings on the wall. I snapped this one:
Translation: "Women with a past and men with a future are the most interesting people." by Chavela Vargas.

It wouldn't have been polite to take pictures where others were sitting but another saying that caught our eye translated: "Experience is what we call our past mistakes." by Oscar Wilde.

The colonoscopy was just a routine procedure; one of those things that has to be done periodically.

Wednesday, December 30

There is the most beautiful algarrobo tree that we pass every day on our walk; it has such a lovely shape to it.

This was the first time we'd ever seen flowers on it, though; they're like small fuzzy yellow pompoms.

Thursday, December 31

The last couple of days I've had such fun stitching up a few zippered box pouches. Super easy, requires very little fabric, and they're just adorable. I'll be making a few more!


I plan to continue Project 365 this year. It's just such a great way to document the year; to be able to look back and say, "Oh yeah! I remember that!" Although I'm journaling more faithfully, I find the photo journal aspect of P365 to be a nice addition.


rita said...

Glad to hear you are continuing the photojournaling P365 concept. I find it very helpful as well. It has become one of the rhythms of life for me along with my daily journal.
Your pouches are sooooo cute. They do NOT look easy to me.
I enjoyed the video song. Is that the pastor singing?

The Bug said...

Ooh the little pouches are cute - love them! I'm not doing P365 this year - it's become a chore. I'll still try to post SOMETHING at least once a week though!