Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week 11: Project 365, the 2016 Edition

Sunday, March 13

Ivan had planned to stain the boards on Saturday but ended up taking an extra long nap, his body still recovering from being so sick. But that meant he had to get out there Sunday evening and get 'er done since Eduardo was coming the next morning to install the boards.
He put the trailer in the garage, with drop cloths underneath, and used that as a staining station.
You can see the last of the daylight sliding into the horizon (our garage faces west).

Monday, March 14

Ivan and Eduardo installing the eaves (and faux beams) on the kitchen side of the casita. It was an all day project.

Tuesday, March 15

Headed out early to Cordoba since Ivan had to get a full-mouth dental x-ray re-taken. We gave Rodolfo a ride, since Ivan wanted to pick his brain. Rodo, as we call him, had a copy of the book he helped write. It's about how tax policies can have positive or adverse effects on the environment.

Once the x-ray was done, we headed to Tadicor for our once-a-month shopping expedition. I don't ever remember having to stop for a train before today. Argentina used to have many railroads and railway companies but no longer. This small passenger train goes between Cosquín (just up the valley from us) and a large shopping complex in Cordoba. We think it's a twice daily run, but aren't positive.

When we got home from Cordoba, I was pleased to find my cousin Patty had posted some old photos of my mom on Facebook -- ones I'd never seen before! -- including this one of mom and me.
Didn't look too happy, did I? I was probably being a brat while mom was trying to have a nice photo of us taken. We don't have a lot of photos from my childhood so it was fun to add this one to my meager collection.

Thursday, March 17

This was my #tbt (throw back Thursday) photo on Facebook today.
Took this about three years ago, and prices have since more than tripled. I'll need to get a current photo to show the difference just a few short years can make. I admit to some gas-price-envy when y'all post photos of über low prices you occasionally pay in the states. Gas prices NEVER go down here.

Friday, March 18

Realized I hadn't shared a picture of my new Kindle.
Love it! The 7th generation is much smaller than the 4th, as you can see from this photo; it measures just 10 inches across when fully open. At approximately 5" x 7", it feels more like a paperback than the older generation Kindle. Also love the pretty blue cover I bought to go with it; it has a magnetic front closure which is handy as I don't have to worry about it flopping open.


Mari said...

I'm glad Ivan is feeling good enough to work - he's gotten a lot done!
I love the picture. You were cute, even with a scowl! :)
I like your new Kindle too!

rita said...

Love the color and size and magnet clasp of your Kindle. i feel guilty about not using mine really. i've ended up favoring my phone.
Rodo's book looks like a heavy read.
So fun to add to your childhood memories.
I just received a packet of correspondence between cousin Lorraine and grandpa Hoyt! Must work on those and share them.

The Bug said...

My poor kindle is abandoned too - I mostly use my phone (and my new iPad - although I bought that really for reading crochet patterns).

I love your photo with your mom - so cute! I like your pouty face :)