Friday, March 25, 2016

Week 12: Project 365, the 2016 Edition

Sunday, March 20

We skyped with Tina, who was visiting friends in Michigan over the weekend, and I took some screen shots.

Toward the end of our conversation I think Betsy was getting tired. We got a kick out of her cute little pucker, and how quickly the pout disappeared whenever she'd find her thumb.

Monday, March 21

Original plans for the day fell through but that was fine by me, because it gave us the opportunity to go to the huge Feria de Los Artesanos in Cordoba in the afternoon. I wasn't sure we'd be able to make it this year (we've missed the last two). First up a little collage of vendors, including our favorite sign guy (we ordered one for the kitchen/dining space that will say "Buen Provecho").

And here's a small wooden bowl we bought from our very favorite vendor ever, RĂºbrica.
Fernando and Patricia make the most gorgeous wooden objects -- everything from the practical (like pens and clocks) to sculptural art pieces. Only Patricia was there today as Fernando was getting over a cold. We were sad to hear he'd had an accident a few months ago, injuring his eye so that he continues to have double-vision. That's a real hardship for someone who makes a living by creating very intricate and detailed items like this box (which, by the way, is the real deal; you can see the inlay from the top and bottom of the lid).

Tuesday, March 22

Ivan staining the existing eaves on the bedroom side of the casita, so they match the new eaves the guys installed on the kitchen side.

Wednesday, March 23

Charlie came over this afternoon. We enjoyed merienda... .
..and then he did some yard work for us. Since Ivan hurt his back, he's pretty limited in what he can do. Beside the basics, Ivan's also having Charlie do some bigger projects (like clear out behind the garage, move dirt to fill in a huge hole by the fenceline, etc.).

Thursday, March 24

An absolutely gorgeous day! And perfect for a picnic in the yard with our missionary friends. Because of the long Easter weekend, it worked out great for them to come down for the day. After a lunch of hamburgers, hotdogs, sweet corn (yes, we can get that here now!), and salad, the men took the kids to the river to splash around and play for a while. When they got back we set out brownies and fruit. Then I made sandwiches for them to take with them, because you know those kids were going to be ready to "eat cardboard" as their mom put it, by the time they were half-way home.
I didn't think to get a photo of the whole group of us. By the time I snapped the first photo, the three younger kids were finished eating and running around the yard.

Friday, March 25

Our compost pile has yielded a little something extra...
Ivan picked what was left in his container garden a week ago, but we're leaving this little guy alone to see how big he gets. Although we've had cooler weather, it probably won't get down to freezing until June.


rita said...

Tina is so beautiful and photogenic!
And Betsy's taking after her!
That's a lovely pic of you and your friend!
Looks like you've gotten some sun too.
Love the picnic setting.
Love the artesanĂ­as.
What is that squash?

The Bug said...

Such a cute little pout - and Tina is lovely as ever. I'm glad that Ivan has someone to help him (and that he actually lets someone help him!). And I'm glad you got to spend some time with friends.