Monday, April 25, 2016

T Minus and Counting

In the context of a rocket launch, "T minus" refers to the time before a launch. We're sort of feeling like that right now: Launching into a completely different life, with lots of unknowns, and hoping that everything comes together for a smooth lift-off.

A week from tomorrow we're moving out of our little casita. Between now and then we have to deliver several trailer loads of things to different people (primarily tools, but also some household goods). Initially we'd planned to take a load of things to Sta. Rosa tomorrow and bring back the bookshelves someone bought, as well as the books that we're giving to various people and organizations. But Ivan's feeling pretty rough today so we probably won't be able to keep to that schedule.

Both of our immune systems are quite low. Mine has been low for a couple of years (at least) and Ivan's been hit with one thing after another this year: herniated disks, that horrible (and extended) bout with food poisoning, head colds, and not sure what today. He came home after a long morning of running around with the new owner of the property (getting all the utilities changed over to their name) and immediately went to bed. He's feeling slightly better now but definitely not up to par.

I'm fighting a head cold (avoided catching it from Ivan the first time he had it, but not so fortunate this time) and stayed home in my pajamas yesterday, pumping plenty of Shaklee into my system. Today I haven't done much, but I did get dressed so I could take a load of laundry out to the dryer (it's in the garage) since it's gray and rainy. I also cleared off the bookshelf we use as a pantry in the kitchen. Since we sold all the bookshelves Ivan made, we need to at least put back the one dad made. Although we're giving away the vast majority of books, we plan to leave some at the house in Sta. Rosa for people to enjoy when they stay there, so we'll need a bookshelf.  

We literally had every day through next Tuesday planned with things that need to be done. Veering off schedule is just going to make the remaining days that much busier. Praying that Ivan bounces back quickly, and God gives us both the stamina and strength to get through the next chaotic eight days.

Sta. Rosa is two hours from Cordoba, and we'll have to make a few trips back to the provincial capital for more medical tests and to see our doctors one final time. We'll also be tackling some projects at the house, and saying goodbye to the folks we know in that area. We know just about as many people there as we do here in Carlos Paz, since it's where Ivan went to high school and there's still a Grace Brethren church in town.

A wrinkle in our plans popped up -- thankfully before we purchased airline tickets -- that is going to require we drive to Buenos Aires at the very end, so we can switch the title on the car into the name of Ivan's junior high buddy who is buying it. It was going to be too complicated and expensive to try and do that here, since he lives in Bs. As. That will happen the first couple days of June. José Luis is finding out if it will take one or two days, and we'll plan accordingly. But our target day for departure is June 3rd, arriving in Chicago on the 4th.

So T minus and counting: 39 days to launch!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm running behind! I didn't realize you and Ivan were moving back to the US. Best wishes on your new endeavors. I also hope and pray your health issues will be resolved, eventually.
Kathy (from Reflections by Kathy)

Mari said...

Now I'm confused! You aren't coming back to the states are you? Just moving to the new house? Whatever you are doing, I hope you are able to get done what you need to do and will keep praying for both of you and your health!

The Bug said...

Oh I REALLY feel for you with all this pressure to get rid of things (some of them precious, I'm sure) and do all of this extra moving around. I hope you're both feeling MUCH better as you try to stick to your schedule. I would wish that I was there to help you, but I'm kind of lazy & not very good at organizing moving things. I'll wish instead that you get an angel helper who's already there!