Friday, April 22, 2016

Week 15: Project 365, the 2016 Edition

Saturday, April 16

Actually a photo from yesterday but I forgot to use it and thought it worth sharing.
This is what our yard looked like after days and days of rain. The ground just couldn't absorb it all so it sort of squished as you walked. And just driving in and out created muddy ruts.

Wednesday, April 20

Not a great week for remembering to take photos, but today I have multiple pictures. First up: a photo of us with the young couple who are buying our property after we'd finished the paperwork with the escribana (kind of a cross between a lawyer and a notary public; they write the documents but also certify them).
(You might have seen this on Facebook, but then I removed it after someone here warned us it was better not to advertise that we'd sold our place.) 

We had just enough time after lunch for a walk before heading back to Cordoba (where we spent all day Tuesday). After all the rain we've had, it felt good to be out in the sun!  Isn't it a beautiful river?!
It never fails to make us smile. We'll definitely miss these scenic walks!

Friday, April 22

Third trip to Cordoba this week. We're trying to get all things medical done before we leave because it's so much cheaper here. This involves mostly those pesky annual tests and exams. But Ivan, who has suffered from acid reflux for decades, wanted to see if there were any new treatments or medications since he last saw a doctor for the condition. The gastroenterologist ordered an endoscopy, which was done this morning. Here is he waiting to be called back:
They found a bunch of polyps and removed a few for biopsy. Praying for an all clear when he sees the gastroenterologist again on May 19th.


Mari said...

Hooray on selling the house! I was thinking how healthy Ivan looked in the first photo, and then I read further and see he is still having some issues. Praying the tests turn out good.

rita said...

Sam has serious acid reflux. D'ya suppose it's a Hoyt-thing?
Lovely views for your walks. Hope you find good walking paths in your new area.

The Bug said...

I have mild acid reflux - mostly managed by the occasional Tums & a reminder that I can't eat like I did when I was 20! I'll be praying that there's nothing serious & that there ARE better treatments now!

I'd miss that river too - so lovely! I hope your new home is lovely too...