Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another accident in the mines

I'm not a coal miner's daughter, but I was a coal miner's granddaughter and I'm pretty sure all my uncles worked the mines too, at one point or another. So news of the explosion at Upper Big Branch mine in West Virgina caused that sinking feeling I thought was long forgotten. Twenty-five dead and four missing. Just numbers to most of those hearing about the disaster, but to the families and community of Raleigh those numbers represent fathers, husbands, sons, friends.

They're saying it's the worst U.S. mining disaster in two decades. We're used to seeing news of mining accidents in other countries (China comes to mind) but not the United States. I would have hoped we had learned our lesson after the many explosions and cave-ins that occurred throughout the past century until stronger regulations and stiffer penalties went into effect. But regulations only work when there's compliance on the part of the mines.

We don't want to keep hearing about mine explosions that kill 25.
Or 29.
Or 38, as happened in my home town back in 1970.
We don't want to hear about even one more life being lost in the mines.

I just pray the missing men will be found alive.
And soon.


SusanD said...

Praying in agreement with you. Such a tragedy. Blessings, SusanD

rita said...

So different when you can relate emotionally to the news. Helps in praying.

Mari said...

I haven't had any news on here and hadn't heard this. I'm praying with you.

Christy said...

Two generations ago Sean's dad's family all worked in the mines - this news hit home with us, too. Praying for the miners and their families.

sara said...

this is so sad. praying with you.

Mary said...

I have a friend who knows some of the people involved. I'm praying for the miners and their families. Terrible tragedy.

Kay said...

Me too.

Lhoyt said...

One wonders, where are they now. I guess that is what is so sad about such disasters.