Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Project 365, Week 17

Better late than never?

I've had the blogging blahs lately. Just haven't made time to post with so many other things distracting and keeping me busy.  Plus I haven't felt like I had anything to talk about...blah, blah, blah. Anyone else ever feel like that?

But here, finally, are the photos for last week's Project 365.

Two Sundays ago we were having asado when Ivan noticed the intricate spider web in the tomato pot.
Monday was very busy with the regular stuff as well as getting ready to go to Sta. Rosa. Late that night I stopped long enough to look up some free Kindle books and download them. I've discovered if I download them to my computer first they don't charge the $1.99/per book download fee that they do for direct downloads to Kindle (can anyone explain the difference to me?) plus they can be on my virtual bookshelf and after I'm done reading it on my Kindle I can delete it, but still have it accessible.
Whew! That was an excessively long explanation to go with this photo, where I'm transferring books over to the Kindle.
Can you believe that although I've done this numerous times, I still have to look up how to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME?! Don't they say you have to do something 18 times before it become a habit? Guess I have a few more times to go before that happens.

[Or Amazon/Kindle could just make it easier to do so that almost brain-dead middle-aged women could remember the steps.]

Tuesdays and Fridays we put our empty water bottles by the fence and the delivery man trades them for full ones. Since living here I have become a big fan of soda, plain water that's carbonated.
Wednesday you may remember we didn't have power all day. That evening when I was done cleaning kitchen cupboards, I sat down with my Kindle, homemade chocolate cookies and the flashlight. Oh, and the box of tissues since my allergies have been acting up.
No photos for Thursday. Busy, busy day! (At least we had power restored by 9:30 a.m.)

No photos for Friday. Finished with the cleaning and some minor house repairs and then headed home. We were going to walk down to the river before we left and I planned to take photos of the trees; they're always so colorful this time of year. BUT they were grading the road (hurray!) so it was a muddy mess and impassable by foot at that point. 

Saturday I finally got around to the baby quilt. Super easy to stitch together quickly but then after I'd already started tieing it off, decided my hubby was right so instead I quilted-in-the-ditch which extended the work time a little.
Love, love, love these fabrics!
Sunday evening we had the monthly birthday party after church for all those with April birthdays. Here's the birthday bunch blowing out the single candle on the cake.
And that's my week in photos.


rita said...

Wow! I was so glad to see your name pop up at the top of the blog list! I was indeed worried. Woke up thinking something must have happened to Kim.
Great photos of daily life: amazing spider web; lovely quilt; exciting birthday gang. Fun Kindle story, guess I'm not the only one that goes back to directions several times.
Now those cookies look sinfully yummy.
Take care, dear Kim.

The Bug said...

The spider web is super cool! That's a great picture of it. The quilt is GORGEOUS! I love the fabrics too - luck recipient!

I get the blogging blahs all the time. Comes from having a same ole same ole kind of life. That's why I like memes sometimes. I'm skipping the Random Dozen this week though - I know Linda said it doesn't, but it really takes too much brain power sometimes LOL.

Elizabeth said...

Love the quilt ... color combo and pattern... just lovely

sara said...

can I just get it out there and say that I am so jealous of your Kindle?! I want one soooo bad!!

However, I know it is great for you to be able to down load your books and not have them shipped!

the quilt is gorgeous!!! love the colors and fabric!! I am glad you gave us a close up because the fabrics are even prettier up close!

ok...so for us non-quilters...what is quilting-in-the-ditch?

skoots1mom said...

blogging blahs have hit me lately, too.
this bathroom re-do is almost done but the dust has been getting me.

spider web: he/she surely was busy; i'd love to watch them making one some time.

Kindle: one day maybe i'll get one.
18 times will be the charm :)
cleaning kitchen cupboards: you just had to remind me, didn't you??!!
baby quilt: well done...so pretty. i so want to get my book out and learn how.

maybe i'll get back into 365 next week, this past two weeks i've been busy with senior stuff, church stuff and finishing our Disciple III facilitating...we closed out Sunday; it was emotional and very uplifting to see the 70 or so who had been in class being commissioned. :) Now, i'm tired.

Mari said...

I love the spiderweb!
I have a friend who loves Kindle - I can see that you do too, especially since you figured out the best way to do it.
The quilt turned out beautiful!

Betty said...

I love your quilt! Very nice colors. Who´s the lucky person to get it? :)
I feel like you, I´m blogging, but not really into it. And the comments are reflecting it, I think (getting less).
But I know that if I stop, it will be for a long time.
I´ve uploaded one book already to my computer from the KIndle store. But I don´t have a Kindle yet. How do you get the free books?

sara said...

hey, just thought I'd let you know that I just got done eating your cuban pork sandwich...YUM!!!!!!

This has become one of my fam's favorite recipes!!!

Kay said...

Love the quilt! My favorite color...PINK. : ) I've never used a Kindle before, but I like reading things off my iPod Touch and I don't need a flashlight. I have a Bible on there and I read it if I wake up in the night. Love that. : )

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

That quilt is awesome!!!!!

I feel bla bla bla about blogging all the time, I just find that if I force myself to post then it turns into something that is no longer fun. I have to have something funny, relevant or have something spiritually impactful happen...then the post just comes naturally! Plus participating the the meme's like random dozen or Project 365well those are two guaranteed post each week. Spring boards always help and in my book and I will take advantage of all the help I can get!

Do you enjoy your kindle??? I've been tossing around the idea of getting one but I was wondering if it was very user friendly and how it worked and if you thought it was worth the cost of the device?