Sunday, August 15, 2010

Project 365, Week 33

I did it! I took a photo every day this week! That's the first time in a long time I've managed to remember. Which means I have a full seven nine photos I want to share for Project 365 this week.

Last Sunday was a GORGEOUS winter day in Carlos Paz. We took our sweaters when we went for a walk and had a picnic but half the time we had to take them off because it was so warm. It was only right along the costanera that the cool lake breeze required the extra layer. The picnic was a last-minute, spontaneous idea so we stopped at a grocery store on our walk and grabbed some salami, cheese and bread along with tangerines for dessert. I'd packed the glasses, a knife to cut the cheese and meat, a small container of olives and several paper towels at home. Simple but delicious!
This model of the "Eugenio C" was in the window of a travel agency in Cordoba and Ivan had to take a photo. He remembers as a child going to the port to meet his sister who had traveled back to Argentina on this ship.
Maybe you can share some memories of that trip sometime, Rita?

We've been wanting to take these photos for a long time but it hasn't been easy getting  good shot. This shanty town section is on a busy corner with multiple lanes of traffic going every which way, and we never seem to be in the right location to be able to take pictures. But Tuesday we managed to get a half-decent shot and the second photo is actually from Thursday (remember, we made FOUR trips into Cordoba this week!)
Isn't that a hoot? The shacks are literally scrap pieces of lumber slapped together with bits of tarp and tin serving as roofs, windows and sometimes even doors, or crudely built block structures. But they have satellite television! There were three dishes clearly visible from the road.

Wednesday when we had company I showed the ladies how to make fabric flowers...
...wish I'd remembered to take a photo of their finished products!

I really like the home decor fabric that's so popular right now with a trellis design like this:
This is a metal security screen on an older building in Cordoba. I think it may have been a hotel at one time but it's empty now. I'd love to have that design in fabric: white on an aqua background, so I could make some pretty pillow covers.

Also seen in downtown Cordoba on Thursday: a protest against Walmart.
This wasn't even close to any of the three Walmarts in the city, but by disrupting a busy downtown street during a weekday morning (and right outside the newspaper headquarters) they were assured a bigger audience than if they'd protested outside one or more of the stores.

I've already shared this fun photo and its story from Friday :)
Taken during marathon trip to Buenos Aires; there and back in 27 hours -- and it's a ten hour drive one way! I now have a freshly stamped VISA in my passport, good for another year.

Saturday our architect came to look at the lot and get a preliminary idea of what we're thinking. Roberto and Ivan were scratching a rudimentary floor plan in the dirt when I snapped this photo.
Roberto is a good friend and we look forward to working with him to design our future home!


Mari said...

I love the shanty town pictures. Glad you pointed out the satellite dishes, I wouldn't have noticed.

sara said...

these were great pictures this week!!

spontaneous picnics are the best! I can't wait till our weather cools down so that we can be outside like that!!!

While I was home at my mom's, we found stuff from her trip on the QEII when she was a girl. very cool.

it is pretty hilarious to see dishes on those can they even have electricity?

can't wait to watch your home develop!!!

The Bug said...

Great pics this week. Love the satellites in the shanty town - they have their priorities in order. And I guess when you consider the cost of building a house to the cost of the satellite, it makes sense.

What's their beef against Walmart? I can think of many reasons, but I'm curious about their particular issue...

2Thinks said...

That looks like the type of picnic I.T. and I would throw together. It is strange to think it is winter where you are. As for the t.v. dishes- I got a bit of a chuckle there. Hmmm.

The floor plan in the dirt looks like a winner *wink*

skoots1mom said...

does 3 dishes mean 3 families live in there?...heartbreaking.
great pics this week.

Betty said...

It´s the same here. First thing that goes up in those "slums" is the satellite dish. I think they need to take their minds off of their poverty...
Looks like fun planing your dream home!

Tori said...

The satelites...amazing. I know people take their television pretty seriously. It's sad.
I can see that aqua material with the white trellis that you are talking about. That would be gorgeous!
How exciting about your visa and the house! Can't wait to see how that project comes along.
Have a super week!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I am SO slooooow.
Somehow I just now put together that you and Rita (aka Meemaw) are family! Good grief. Don't know how I missed that.

Congrats on the Visa!

Debbie said...

OK. The satellite dishes on those shacks is cracking me up! People's priorities always amaze me.