Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some randomness leading up to more Random tomorrow

I haven't been blogging much lately, mainly due to lack of time. But some of it is just being out of the habit. Since this blog is the primary way we keep family and friends informed about what's happening, I've decided it really needs to be more of a priority. Because I've enjoyed blogging so much I had begun to think of it as something more "fun" than "necessary" but have come to understand it's both.

Our work limits what I can share because we want to be sensitive about privacy issues and, the fact is, ministry is messy and everyone doesn't need to know every last little detail. But while I'm limited in what I can write about ministry-wise, I'm pretty free with other aspects of our lives, and with the crazy that occasionally regularly occurs around here. But sometimes I am at a loss for something to write about and it's nice to join a meme or link-up where the subject is chosen for me. With that in mind I'm hoping to get back into the Random Dozen hosted by The Lid each Wednesday and Flashback Friday which is hosted by The Other Lid. Women for whom coffee is one of the major food groups and therefore my kind of people. 

One of my 'projects' recently has been figuring out what to have my daughter put into the suitcase that a friend is bringing for us. In case you have ever wondered what missionaries stuff into their suitcases, here's an abbreviated list of things we've been ordering online or having Tina buy:
cheap mechanical pencils
Ranch dressing mixes and craisins
a can of cranberry sauce (for Thanksgiving!)
Kindle cover
jeans for Ivan (from Goodwill)
several books to help me with the English class
tinted moisturizer 
regular moisturizer
several months worth of Shaklee vitamins and supplements
radio/amplifier to use with 'Gloria'**
flannel sheets
tools for Ivan
fabric (of course!)

[**'Gloria' is a little machine that has the music for all the songs in our hymnal. We just press the buttons for the number of the hymn...a very handy "tool" since neither Adriana or I play piano. But not worth much if you can't hear the music! So the amplifier is also a handy little tool :) ]

But I didn't even have to wait for the suitcase to receive a special, early birthday present -- it came in the mail! My sweet SIL, Rita, sent these early since she figured I could use them more now while it's winter*** than around my birthday in December when it's REALLY blazing hot :)  Thank you Rita!!!
Aren't they pretty?! I love the colors and they're SO SOFT. Luuuuuurve!
[***Not to rub it in or anything *cough, cough* but it's 81° here today -- the equivalent to mid-February for our friends in the northern hemisphere.]

Received the sad news that my niece, Elizabeth, became a widow today after her husband passed away very unexpectedly. She and Mike had been married less than 10 years and had so many plans and dreams for their future together.  Pray for her, won't you?


Christy said...

Kim, I was so glad to hear your visas came through without a hitch and am now so sad, thinking about your niece. Will definitely pray for her.

skoots1mom said...

<3 the socks...
so sad about your niece and her husband...will lift them.
anything else you need ?

Mari said...

I love the socks! They are so cute and look warm!
Sorry to hear about your niece. I'll be praying for her.

Mari said...

I just clicked on her blog - I didn't know she was your niece - I read her blog.

rita said...

So surprised to see another post so soon. I came upon it as I was looking at Lynn's post. Since his Blog List includes photo-icons, I saw the socks, and said to myself, "Those are like the ones I made!" LOL

Betty said...

I hope you won´t be needing those socks anymore, because if you do that means it will be cold here too.... :) But they are really cute.
Sorry to hear about your niece´s husband. That is awful and I will think of her in my prayers.
See you tomorrow at R.D.

The Bug said...

So sorry to hear about Elizabeth. I read her blog too. I'll keep her in my prayers.

Cute socks! I'll wish I had them come January...

sara said...

I so wish it were 80 degrees here!!!
That would feel like a cold front!

praying for Elizabeth.

2Thinks said...

Just visited Elizabeth's blog, found out from Sara- hadn't ever read over there before. I left her a message of prayer- such tragedy is so hard to grip. I will be praying for her more today, as I get ready for work.

As for the socks- need those for my new Purpose Driven Blog idea- coming soon! How can I get a pair?