Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project 365, Week 6

It's been a crazy busy week and I have the photos to prove it :)

Right now I'm sitting on our back patio by the washer so I can hear when it's done and quickly switch loads. Even though I did laundry throughout the week, I ended up coming home with four loads worth and I'm bound and determined to get 'er done today!

But on with the photos...

Don't actually have one for Monday since we delayed our trip so Ivan could see the chiropractor first. Thankfully she was able to get Ivan in for a late afternoon appointment. That gave me time to clean house and put clean sheets on the beds, in case other missionaries we know needed to use the house while we were gone; they were going to be in the province on a survey trip. Then we were busy collecting boys, loading the trailer and heading to Sta. Rosa!

Tuesday we had to go into town for a couple of errands but in the midst of rushing around we stopped to show the boys a swinging bridge (neither had seen one before).
Even though Ivan's back was still "talking" to him, by Tuesday evening he was ready to tackle the ceiling. Or at least show Charlie how to tackle it :)
Ivan let Braian try too, but he's so short he could only reach the bottom of the center beam so he helped Ivan with cutting in. (And over the next couple days Ivan ended up doing 90% of the ceiling, because (1) he's faster since he's had plenty of experience, and (2) he's just a teeny bit of a perfectionist. lol)

As you can see the grapes are ripening nicely and I think if we have a chance to go at the end of the month, they'll be at just the right stage to make jelly.
The boys had a blast, mostly fishing and swimming in the river.
I think they pretty much just kept their swimming trunks on most of the time!

The first day they caught lots of little fish and wanted to cook them up. I said fine, as long as they cleaned and cooked them!
They're experts at pulling out the spine in one shot after they're cooked. Me, not so much. The flavor wasn't bad, but a mouth full of tiny bones was more than I could handle, so I ended up having hot dogs :)  After that any fish they caught they threw back in the river, taking photos of some of the bigger ones (bigger being a relative term).

We had to move a hutch out from the wall while painting and this lovely big spider was hanging out on the back of it. Ugh!
Absolutely LOOOOOOVE Sherwin Williams paint! We were amazed that ONE COAT of this pale aqua covered the dark ugly yellow!
All except the "problem" wall, that is. The one we had to patch extensively due to water damage. Even the spackle-like stuff didn't want to adhere so we ended up sanding most of that off and just painting. But it did require two coats, and still ain't the prettiest (which has nothing to do with the paint and everything to do with the uneven plaster). I plan to make a wall quilt for that spot anyway.

The missionaries who were doing a survey ended up coming on out to Sta. Rosa. For one meal I served up a variety of salads: chicken salad for sandwiches, cornbread salad, pizza salad, and a tomato and onion salad that also had cucumber and red pepper.
And in case you were wondering, we pretty much kissed off everything I made last weekend; I think we may have a stray brownie or granola bar left :)

Now that the walls are done, the window and door frames and doors are next! They look so shabby and dirty next to the freshly painted walls.
The living room furniture, which really doesn't match AT ALL now, will have to wait. I have the fabric to reupholster them but not the money to pay the tapicero. Poco a poco. I plan to have two of the armless chairs done in denim and one in apple green. I'm leaning towards just dyeing the slipcovers on the rattan chairs, since I made those just a little over a year ago. Right now they're a dark green but I think a denim blue would work better in the space. We're getting closer to my vision for a beachy cottage look!

Anyway, we had a great week and got the main project DONE. Didn't even try to tackle the storeroom this trip. I was painting right up until Thursday evening. Friday was spent cleaning and packing to come home. It had been a while since I did a deep clean out there, so this trip I felt it really needed it. Especially with the mess we'd created with the spackling, sanding and painting.

We got home last night and are just taking it easy today. Aside from the laundry I have no plans. Well, maybe a nap :) I was looking around for something to photograph and realized you've seen pictures of just about every part of my house and yard (except the bathroom, which you're NEVER going to see) so I took another one of our side yard which I know I've done before, but just thought those in the frozen north might enjoy a photo of actual growing things :)
And so concludes another week with Project 365!


wallymetts said...

looks so nice it makes us want to come back.

Betty said...

I love the side wall. What kind of plants are those. They would look good on my brick wall too, that we have. Then again, it doesn´t rain as much here as it does over there, so they probably wouldn´t grow.
Than painted walls look great! You guys did a good job!

The Cyber Hermit said...

I love the grapes picture! It's beautiful.

skoots1mom said...

loved all your shots...grapes! yum...ya'll were so busy.
the side yard looks inviting...everything here is still grey and bare.

Tiffany said...

I enjoy your pictures so much b/c everything is very different from S. Georgia. The side yard pictures is gorgeous with green plants and blooming flowers....I'm so ready for Spring. I've never been on a swinging bridge either....kinda scary! Have a great week! Oooppss...wait, I also enjoy all those remodel pictures..I'm an HGTV kind of girl :)

sara said...

you just had to tease us with those flowers didn't you!!!

so fun to see all the changes you are doing and being able to remember the original photos!!!

You got a lot done!

Mimi said...

It looks like you accomplished a lot!

The flowers are beautiful.

Have a great week,

The Bug said...

I like that cool blue - & your color scheme sounds great. Can't wait to see the final result.

Thanks for the flower picture - it made me smile :)


The grapes picture was awesome. Love the color of the blue room.

Lhoyt said...

Where do you get the energy? I would be all done in halfway through the day! It looks great, though. So glad you are able to have input into the lives of young fellows like Charlie and Braian. May the Lord cause the seed that has been sown to grow.

RaD said...

Actually things are already starting to grow here, but I can't imagine walking around in shorts or swimming in a river just yet. Looks like a productive week, hope you were able to get a restful nap in this afternoon!

rita said...

So glad Ivan is on the mend and you were able to accomplish your goals.
Oh! I want to go to SR now! ;)
Love the grapes photo.
You are an amazing decorator. I know it will look amazing, so I think I'll wait and come when it's all finished. ;)
I don't remember the gold chairs, but the others are still from waaaaaaay back, I believe.
Hope this week is restful and cool :)

McCrakensx4 said...

Love that they are wearing flip flops and shorts and playing in the river...can't wait for it it get warmer here! And love the grapes cool and fun to make your own jelly with grapes!

Amy said...

What a wonderful week (except for the spider...yuck) That picture of the grapes is so beautiful, just want to reach out and grab one!!

Glad you are getting lots done and with some great "help" too!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

OK drooling over the sunshine and blooming flowers.....

dreary, foggy and cold here...


momma frans said...

looks like a fun trip! and the new paint looks wonderful!!

Tori said...

You and Ivan are the best project people ever! :)
Just the thought of the fish bones is enough to make me gag! Glad they had fun catching them though.
That spider is on the bigger than I would want to see size!
So fun to see the beautiful colors in the side yard. Sure beats all of our snow!!
Have a super week!!

Elizabeth said...

those grapes look so wonderful! Paul has some grape vines in the back and maybe one day they will look like that.
Our walls are being painted and they are looking really good. It is amazing how crisp and clean a new coat of paint makes everything look!