Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We're partially paved

Until we get the property surveyed (was supposed to happen last week but didn't; not sure when they'll get to it) we can't put up the fence. Meanwhile we're trying to keep an eye on the property, to ensure that squatters don't move into the casita. When I went to check on it yesterday I found this:
The road was blocked off so I parked around the corner and got as close as I could to take that photo. This morning I went back and saw that they've paved up to and just a little beyond where our property ends. But only half the street.
Wondering if they'll pave the other half soon?
Seemed a little odd that they'd be doing this by hand. I'm pretty sure that although the country is a bit backward in terms of machinery and heavy equipment (i.e., a crew of men with weed whackers "mow" city parks), they can't possible be doing all their street paving by hand.
Can they?


The Bug said...

You never know Kim, you never know :)

I don't know if you remember the post I did where we were driving through Virginia & the road crews were just FLINGING asphalt into the potholes by the shovelful - from about 6 feet away. Bizarre.

Betty said...

If it´s anything like our country.....they CAN! But for your sake I hope they "find" some machines. :)
I think it´s great though, that you get a paved road!

Mari said...

You never know - maybe it will be better if done by hand! Our roads don't hold up well at all!

skoots1mom said...

bravo for pavement...praying for the other side to get completed will certainly help moving in one day.

rita said...

I take it this is progress.
Having to guard the property reminds me of the story of the tranvias which Lynn &/or I will be posting in the near future. I wonder how much Ivan remembers of those days.

rita said...

Oops, he already posted it on the 9th!