Friday, October 28, 2011

Project 365, October Recap, Part 1

Long time, no see!
We've been on the road since October 8th, with no internet at most of the places we've stayed. This week we're in Colorado with family --- and they have wifi!
So while I have a chance, let's get caught up on Project 365...

The first week of October found us (mostly) in Jonesville. Gorgeous weather, beautiful fall colors every where you looked...
Not that I saw much of it, since a good portion of my week was spent inside. Not only inside, but in the basement. Where there was much gnashing of teeth as I tried to pack.
Remember we're not only packing the things we'll be taking back with us, but also suitcases that will be brought by groups coming next year. And it was hard to get 50# worth into some of the smaller suitcases. Wanting to get the most out of each suitcase, I resorted to buying and using Space Bags. Has anyone ever used one and had it shrink flat and square like the commercials? Because mine always come out in very bizarre shapes.

Y'all might recall the cottage in Ludington; here's the lovely couple who shared it with us:
We met for breakfast one morning and spent a couple hours catching up and laughing. They are one of the funniest couples we know!

Ivan was able to connect with an old friend and spent a day hanging out with him.
They go way back...having gone through flight training together back in the early 90s, and then flying together every chance they got.

Saturday, October 8th we headed to Indiana. Met up with our son in South Bend and while I did some shopping, Ivan and Jon toured the Studebaker Museum and then went by Jon's office:
That night we used a groupon to the Carriage House Dining Room & Gardens, which is housed in an old church. Beautiful building and very good food made for a memorable date night.

We were in Indiana for a missions conference at Pleasant View Bible Church. What a treat! They started with a parade of flags, carried by the junior high kids, and then arranged around the platform:

That Tuesday we had "off" with no activities associated with the conference so our kids and their spouses all took the day off so we could hang out. What a precious time!

The second week of October is a sort of anniversary for us; we started dating on October 13th. Knowing it was supposed to rain and be really windy that day, we decided to "celebrate" a day early and recreated our first date -- a walk around Winona Lake, Indiana. Along the way we saw this adorable turquoise bike:
 Out on the island is this house that looks like a castle:
It's where we had our second date, when we attended a Bible study there. Lots of memories!

Friday PVBC had scheduled a bonfire but just as they got the fires going, the rain started! Here are the last of the folks making a run for the barns:

I finally finished binding Kyle and Tina's double lap quilt that I'd promised them last year.
I gave it to them when we got together on Saturday evening and they posed for a photo.

The missions conference ended with an international banquet on Sunday the 15th. We sat with old friends from our college days. Here they are with two of their grandchildren:
It was really fun re-connecting with Gary and Patti. It was also really fun participating in the missions conference at PVBC and having the opportunity to get to know lots of different people in the church. Conferences are definitely the best for that!

Back soon with parts 2 and 3...


rita said...

Loving all the 'reencuentros' (if that's a word ;) and family times, and date recreation (and the bike!)
How on earth do you quilt while on the road???
I have vague memories of waliing to and from the island as a young child. At some point we lived there I believe.

The Bug said...

Happy anniversary! I love that bike - AND the quilt :)

sara said...

wow, I get tired just reading what all you are doing!!!!

Very fun that you got to reconnect with so many friends!

junglewife said...

You sure are staying busy!

I can totally identify with the gnashing-of-teeth-while-packing thing. I am the packer because I am good at it, but I HATE it! Before any major trip I have packing dreams - where we are leaving in 5 minutes and I have to rush around and pack everything - in slow motion, of course! I hate all the decisions and trying to make it all fit! I am sure that my comments are SUCH an encouragement to you - sorry! :-) Just know that you are not alone!!!

I love the quilt - it is beautiful!

I am glad you are able to fit in so much visiting and seeing people, but I am sure you will be glad to get "home" to Argentina and relax soon!

skoots1mom said...

you're gonna have to go back to Argentine just so you can rest ;)

love the lap quilt

and the house where you had your second date, OMYGOODNESS!


You have been so made me tired just reading about it. Loved the shots they were awesome!

Lisa said...

TIme with family! I'm sure that day will stay with you for a very long time!!

You don't slow down much, no matter what part of the world you are in!

Good to "see" you again!!

Mimi said...

It really looks like a great time.


Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

What a precious way to spend your anniversary!! Congrats!