Friday, October 28, 2011

Project 365, October Recap, Part 2

The third week of October found us flying to Arizona for another missions conference. We flew out with friends who have a home not too far from the church, and we spent a few days hanging out with them before the conference started.

Here's the sight that greeted us at the airport...mountains in pretty much every direction we looked!

The first day we relaxed and took it easy. The club house overlooks the golf course so we enjoyed cold drinks while watching those braving the hot sun to knock tiny balls into small holes...

Then we headed up to Prescott and Sedona. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G scenery everywhere we looked! Just outside Prescott is Watson Lake, with some of the coolest rock formations:
Our friends gave us the Tilley hats which came in VERY handy in the hot Arizona sun.

We climbed over rocks and took dozens of photos. Ivan and Adrene were a bit more adventurous and went higher than I was comfortable with, but I still managed to take some decent photos.

That evening we ate dinner at The Grasshopper Grill in Cornville. Some of the BEST chicken tortilla soup I've ever had! And the barbequed ribs were absolutely delicious. I'd highly recommend this place if you're ever in the area. Had to have our photo taken in front of this sign -- now this is our kind of country club :)

The area around Sedona is spectacular! Impossible to pick just one photo from that day, so here are three:

See what I mean?!
Thoroughly enjoyed our little trip, as you can see...

We were too busy meeting people and sharing at the missions conference over the weekend to take photos. I managed to snap this one when the church wide picnic was over Sunday afternoon and most of the folks had already left.
It was SOOOOOO good to finally meet the folks at Desert Springs Community Church, who have faithfully supported and encouraged us for over three years.

Late Monday afternoon when rain threatened (an unusual occurrence from what we understand) the sky was this incredible mix of colors:
We actually did get a spattering of rain on the windshield of the car, but not enough to even clean the glass.

I'll be back this weekend with part 3, complete with photos from our time in Colorado.

Meanwhile, a prayer request...
We fly back to Michigan on Monday afternoon (October 31st) and I have an appointment Tuesday morning with the surgeon, who I'm praying will be able to get me right in for a biopsy (mammogram and ultrasound indicate there's a need for one). We're scheduled to fly back to Argentina on November 8th and I really, REALLY want to get the biopsy done here in the U.S. -- with enough time to get the results back. Appreciate your prayers!


rita said...

All the sky colors and vegetation are spectacular and the Arizona scenery stunning.
We are enjoying the Western mountain-and-desert-type 'paisajes' in Idaho.

The Bug said...

Gorgeous pictures! We really need to travel out west sometime...

Good luck with the biopsy - I'll be praying!

Mari said...

What a beautiful trip! I love those rock formations. Will be praying about the biopsy.

sara said...

oh my were in my stopping grounds!! I love Sedona and the don't do it justice do they?! I'm just sorry you didn't get to see my home and the Tucson area!

I am praying for you and that all would work out to have the biopsy asap!

junglewife said...

Great pictures! I have not spent much time in Arizona but hubby has said that if/when we ever move back to the States, that is a part of the country where he wouldn't mind living!

Will be praying for everything to work out before you go back. I completely understand those things that come up at the last minute and HAVE to be fitted into the schedule!

skoots1mom said...

beatiful pictures...
love that you had such a fun trip to the desert
will keep you in my prayers
take care ;)


WOW! The desert shots were fantastic. I can't wait to go to the desert and use my new camera and my photography class information and shoot some.

Mimi said...

What beautiful scenery. I'll be praying for the biopsy.

Hugs & love,

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Hey there!

We loved our time in Sedona....truly awesome! Breathtaking, God does amazing work!


momma frans said...

oh my word, Kim, your pictures are beautiful!! glad you had a good time!