Saturday, April 20, 2013

Some Linkage Love

Ivan took someone to the airport early this morning, so while I wait for him to get back I thought I'd share some fun links. FYI, these links are all over the map!

A wonderful post on having the right attitude about your house, that lines up nicely with the mission statement we recently developed for our home:
Our home is a haven for family and friends, a place where they feel welcome and comfortable. Our home is a light-filled, open space, clean and uncluttered, with beautiful things that have special meaning and speak of the people we love and the places we've been.
This wordless post made me smile.

Interesting concept. My initial reaction was "Cool!" Then I thought, "That's a little scary." So what you think? Good idea for foreign countries/companies to be able to have a floating "city" off our shores?

Laughed 'til I cried while reading this. Seriously. April articulates exactly how I have felt on a number of occasions. Makes me grateful that our most recent experience with immigrations was wholly positive (although I'm still waiting for my national ID). Favorite line: " I deeply desired to curse her with a plague of paper cuts and then squeeze lemon juice on her." (No, missionaries are not normally so blood-thirsty, but the paperwork most countries require often push us to.our.limits.)

And finally, if you're at all interested in architecture, you might want to see how knowledgeable you are by taking this quiz. Although I've been learning a lot over the past year as I've read a number of articles on the topic over on Houzz, I only scored a 60. Still, that's better than I would have scored a year ago! [And if I'd gone with my first instincts, I'd have scored an 80. When will I learn not to over think things?!]


Mari said...

I love that wordless post! Got only 50% on the quiz. Guess I need to study on my architecture.

The Bug said...

Thanks for linking to me!

That bureaucrasy thing is SO ANNOYING! Gah! But makes for great blog posts :)

I'm not even going to try that quiz. I don't need to be humiliated on a Monday!