Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Good Life

I'm taking advantage of internet at the hotel to post a couple photos. We're at our annual missionary conference, enjoying beautiful weather, wonderful food, and great fellowship with our co-workers in Argentina and Uruguay.
I kept forgetting to take my camera to the dining room, but I finally remembered at lunch today. That was the appetizer: a luscious roll of roasted chicken and a small mound of potato salad. Sooooo good! I enjoy cooking and love having people in our home for meals, but it's also nice to go some place and be pampered :) And the food here at the Berna Hotel has been lovely.

[Am I making you hungry yet?]

The weather couldn't be more perfect, either. The nights are cool and the days are glorious! It's been in the 70s all week long, so we've been holding most of our sessions out on the covered patio, near several trees that are changing colors.
What fun to have internet right in our room too! Only problem (and I wouldn't exactly call it a problem) is that we're too busy to use it much. If we're not in a meeting, we're spending time with friends that we only get to see once a year. This time with them is why conference is always one of the highlights of our year.


Mari said...

It sounds just perfect! Glad you're enjoying yourself.

The Bug said...

What fun! I WOULD be hungry, but we just ate some grits, eggs & sausages :)