Monday, April 15, 2013

Ivan's Amazing Adventure

Ivan had the opportunity to travel to a part of Argentina he's never been before: the province of Salta, way in the north of the country. Here's one of the photos he sent via his iPhone:
That's him, Pastor Steve on the left and Steve's interpreter on the right with part of their Sunday lunch (a fish called surubĂ­). They also had 'gator milanesas (yes, alligator), something called kabsha (I have no idea what that is, and can't find it in the dictionary so guessing it's an Indian dish) and the brownies I sent along. Oh, and the day before they had puma for lunch (yes, mountain lion).

To be very honest, I am glad I didn't go along. Not sure I could handle those menus. Glad God didn't call me to northern Argentina.

I haven't talked to Ivan, but he's kept me supplied with photos. Like these...
Lunch was prepared in a brick oven.

The alligator before being sliced up for milanesas.

Pigs roam free on the street. Wonder why pork wasn't on the menu?

He traveled up with Pastor Steve (from San Francisco) to visit a missionary Steve's church supports in Rivadavia.  They took a bus to Metan (about 10 hours) and then were picked up by the missionary and transported the remaining six hours in her truck over dirt roads.

Just thought you'd enjoy hearing about his adventure too. 


Mari said...

What an adventure! I'm with you on the menu - I've never been very adventurous, especially when it comes to food!

rita said...

Wow, a different world up north.
Never would have imagined alligators there.
More stories to come, I'm sure.

The Bug said...

I would TRY everything on the menu, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like it!

Skoots1moM said...

sounds like a neat trip...I love different foods