Tuesday, August 16, 2016

July: Project 365, the 2016 Edition

Saturday, July 2

A beautiful sunset as we drove home from Elkhart.

Tuesday, July 5

Jon, Natalie and Adalyn are here! So fun to spend time together, and see how much Adalyn has grown since we saw her in November.

Wednesday, July 6

Our kids gave us the best gift ever -- a photo shoot of the whole family! Here are just a few of the great shots taken by Jennifer Buehrer, owner of Luna Dulce Photography, and long-time family friend (she was in youth group when Ivan was youth pastor).

Then Jon and Nat ordered a large canvas of the whole family that will hold pride of place when we get into a place of our own. I'll get 8"x10" prints of other pictures from the photo shoot for what will become a gallery wall.

Friday, July 15

One of the projects HP Home Rescue is working on is a new build, using a technique new to Ivan: steel frame construction.

Saturday, July 16

We spent the weekend with one of the pastors from our home church, his wife, and another couple who had been missionaries in Ukraine. Can't even begin to say how much it helped to kick back with people who understand, who "get" what we're going through. It was a weekend filled with good food, lots of laughter and conversation around the table.

We did keep up with our (almost) daily walking schedule, and the only picture I took all weekend was during the walk. You'd think I'd have taken a photo of our friends, but no, my one and only snapshot was from a bridge over the creek near their home.

Monday, July 25

We've enjoyed meandering around downtown Warsaw during our morning walks. The city has a temporary art installation called the Walk-n-Wander, featuring twenty life-size bronze sculptures by Seward Johnson scattered throughout town. It's been fun to insert ourselves into the tableaus. Here's Ivan with the mariachi singers...

Wednesday, July 27

...and me joining the mom and her son petting the bunny.
The statues really do look life-like, don't they?!

Thursday, July 28

This cat wasn't at all bothered by passersby on this morning's walk. I guess the sunny spot on the fence was quite cozy.

Friday, July 29

A remodeling project has kept Ivan occupied most of the time, but he is still involved in the steel frame house as well. Today he stopped by to check on the in-floor radiant heat system...

Saturday, July 30

...and with that installed, it was time to pour the finished concrete floor.

Then we celebrated Mother's 95th birthday! She actually turned 95 yesterday, but the party was today. I couldn't find my phone to take a photo so this is from Rita.
It was my first attempt at a gluten free cake. I have a long way to go to master a light, fluffy GF cake, but I'm determined to do my best. It looks so pretty because Sharon agreed to decorate it.

Sunday, July 31

Another hot, muggy day but we found some shady spots at the Biblical Gardens in Warsaw. 


Mari said...

Your family photos are so nice - a real treasure! You and Ivan are a hoot - loved you both in the statue pics.

rita said...

Great variety of places to walk.
Love those pics where you inserted yourselves in the Walk n Wander sculptures.
Maybe I can persuade Mike to check it out.
Radiant floor heating! We know about that!

The Bug said...

Ivan and the mariachi singers - ha! That cake looks lovely - happy late birthday to mom!