Tuesday, August 16, 2016

June: Project 365, the 2016 Edition

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have not done well at remembering to take photos during this transition back to the states. It's actually rather pitiful how few photos we've taken. I just can't seem to remember to get the camera out (or even the phone) and take pictures. Because of that I'm forgoing the weekly concept in favor of a monthly one, at least for now. Hopefully I'll get better about taking pictures soon. Vamos a ver!

Saturday, June 4

We arrived back in the U.S.! Kyle and Tina were at the airport to meet us. Can you tell we're pretty tired?!

Sunday, June 5

Feeling completely slammed, we were grateful to spend a few days with Kyle, Tina and the kids, just enjoying our grands. How cute is this little #betsyboodle?!

Monday, June 6

Simon is one active little boy! And he especially loves doing anything daddy does, including pumping gas into his car.

Thursday, June 9

Ivan and Alan checking out progress on the house on Chapman Lake.
We've formed a partnership, HP Home Rescue, with Alan and Sharon, with the goal of rehabbing houses. Ivan has discovered there are a lot of new products and systems on the market now, so even though he worked in construction in the past (he held a residential builder's license in Michigan), there has definitely been a learning curve.

Saturday, June 11

Tina and the kids came down to visit and we went to the new splash pad in Winona Lake, followed by ice cream. Simon really enjoyed his cone!

Saturday, June 18

We met up with Kyle and Simon in Winona Lake while Tina and Betsy went to a baby shower. Simon had a lot of fun playing on the new equipment.

Sunday, June 19

Father's Day! Kyle and Tina invited us up to their place for supper. When we arrived, Kyle -- with a lot of help from Simon -- washed our car. Simon is quite the pro at car washing!

He was wet and dirty by the end, so Tina had him get into the bucket and rinse off. What a goofy kid!

Betsy was quite content to sit on Papa's lap and have his undivided attention.


Mari said...

It's so nice to see you back in the states and enjoying those little ones. They are adorable!

rita said...

Great summary! Hard to remember a whole month!

The Bug said...

Your grands are SO CUTE! I'm glad you're getting to spend time with them.