Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 20: Project 365, the 2016 Edition

My photo-taking mojo suffered a serious hit during this transition so while I have quite a few pictures from Argentina, I have almost none since arriving in the U.S. I almost gave up even finishing Project 365 this year but decided it was worth the effort to catch up, knowing I'd regret if I didn't.

Saturday, May 21

After our little medical getaway in Cordoba, we headed back to Sta. Rosa this morning. It was another overcast day and as we climbed higher in altitude, the fog obscured anything higher than a two-story building, like this cell phone tower. It's quite a bit taller than what you can see.

Sunday, May 22

Y'all will remember our young friend Charlie, who helped Ivan work on the casita when we first bought the property on Sarasate Street. He drove his motorcycle over the mountains from Carlos Paz, in the cold and fog to visit us one final time. What a blessing he's been to us over the years!

 Monday, May 23

Took this photo from the gate in front of the house; I liked the light coming through the trees. It was refreshing to see the sun after so many overcast days!

Tuesday, May 24

Ivan fixed the water heater and then had to clean all the soot that had built up in the cabinet where the water heater is stored. Of course I had to take his photo afterward!

Wednesday, May 25

Big holiday in Argentina -- Independence Day! Since there was no school, our friends with elementary age kids visited us. The day started off a little too exciting when the youngest disappeared within minutes of their arrival. Being only a city block from the river, we were fearful he'd headed there, but we split up and went in different directions. I drove through La Rinconada, our neighborhood, and thankfully found him safe and sound. There are about 30 houses and only three are lived in year-round. A family who own a vacation home happened to be there for the day and found the little guy trying to climb up on the porch of a nearby house. They were getting ready to bring him to us -- he's blond and blue-eyed and they were pretty sure he had to belong to the Yankees :)

Thankfully the rest of the day was more restful and enjoyable, and by evening the little guy was willing to sit on my lap for his final bottle before heading home.

Friday, May 27

We went downtown to a café with internet and, as the sun set, heard drums and shouting. Looking out we saw a protest group marching down the main street. Not the best photo since I took it through the café window, but right behind that car you can kind of see the banner at the beginning of the parade. No idea what they were protesting...someone is always protesting something.

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The Bug said...

Scary moment with the little boy! They're just so fast & sneaky... I love that the family knew who he belonged to :)