Thursday, November 8, 2007

Don't Dis Me!

Once again we are attempting to create a short DVD to present our ministry in churches. It has become a bit of a joke because our numerous attempts over the past three years have all ended in disaster. Words that come to mind: disheartening, discouraging, disappointing…it’s like we’re being ‘dissed’!

So while I’m sick this week (read: good excuse to avoid housework and anything else deemed labor intensive) I’m kicking back in the recliner and seeing how far I can get in the process of creating a DVD before I hit the wall. Catch the note of cynicism?

First obstacle: The program we’d hoped to use isn’t working. After creating a file of all the photos and graphics I want to use, I began importing them. Less than half-way through, the program quit responding and that dreaded “error has occurred” box popped up. Tina suggested some possible fixes. Nothing worked.

So Tina said that if I got the script ready, tonight after she gets home from work she’ll help me create the DVD on her computer (a MacBook). She can use her flash drive to move the file of photos from my computer to hers. Oh, if it were only that easy! In theory it should work but I know from experience that something can – and will! – go wrong. Very wrong.

Will we be dissed yet again? Stay tuned for the eventual outcome.

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