Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ease-y Day

Today was a good day.

Slept in…way in, until almost 9 a.m.!

Very nice after getting home quite late last night. We decided to drive home after the evening service, rather than waiting until this morning. Just wanted to be back in our own bed.

I was inspired to make an apple puff pancake for breakfast. Yum!

Eased into the day. After hubby carried in everything from the car (hadn’t felt like doing it when we got home so late) I finally started the laundry.

Wrote some thank you cards, took care of some e-mails, caught up on my favorite blogs…but at a leisurely pace.

Tonight I cooked up a chicken and de-boned it, plus made a coffee cake for tomorrow. It’s quilting Tuesday and I want time to actually sew rather than spending most of the time in the kitchen.

Tuesdays are great! I get to spend time with friends and work on quilting projects. We laugh, we eat, we sew. Good times!

So I expect tomorrow to be a good day as well.

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