Wednesday, November 14, 2007

DVD Success!

Darling daughter Tina was successful in putting together the DVD presentation for us! Since I had laryngitis, she recorded the script as well (which is from my point of view). We sound enough alike that only people who know us really well will be able to tell the difference :-)

She worked on it right until the last minute on Saturday. My hubby sat down with her toward the end and they figured out some cool features to add a little pizzaz -- like the rain effect for the photo of a street scene on a rainy day, and stardust scattered over the princess picture. Fun!

So we shared it on Sunday during our visit to a church in Indiana and got some very positive feedback (all due to our daughter's exemplary technical skills!) so that was encouraging. Once I figure out how to load it, I'll share it on this blog.

Tuesday was a good day as anticipated, EXCEPT for that all day 'foggy brain' feeling. While cleaning up after supper last night I realized I'd forgotten to put the chicken into the chicken casserole for dinner! Notice: I didn't remember until I was CLEANING UP! LOL

But in spite of the foggy brain, I did finish a small quilt project. I promised an 11-year-old friend I'd put together a kit so she could make a quilted pillow cover. I made a sample cover (pictured below) and cut out the pieces for her kit. Always happy to help/inspire future quilters! I picked bright colors for the kit to go along with the happy dog center.

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