Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Recliner Kind of Day

We came home from Indiana yesterday, still groaning from the excessive food intake on Thursday. And I kept it to one plate! Honest. Plus I ate nothing after the pie we had at 4 p.m. (and then only one piece!). Just can't put it away like I used to, nor would I want to. Even so, I felt like the Goodyear blimp all through Friday.

Hubby wasn't feeling so great yesterday so he went to bed early. Unfortunately the extra shut eye did not help and he awoke with a raging cold and sore throat. Poor guy! Worst possible time to get sick. Although we've had meetings pretty steadily all fall, tomorrow is the first (and only) full day scheduled. He's teaching Sunday School, preaching in both the morning and evening services, and we'll be gone from early until late. :-(

So we're pumping him full of Shaklee products: Immunity 1, Nutriferon, Defend & Resist. He's lounging on the couch and going over notes for his messages while I sit in the recliner and began the tedious work of catching up on data input.

Whenever we visit a church we offer a sign-up sheet for those interested in receiving our prayer letters. I hadn't added new ones from the last few churches so that had to be done. And I'm editing the existing address book to include any and all info we might have on folks already 'in the system'. I'm about 3/5 of the way through that. BIG job! I had no idea until recently that my yahoo account offered the option of organizing the info into a format for snail mail labels. A great feature when we want to send something (like new prayer cards) instead of just the standard prayer letter via e-mail.

So this is a recliner kind of day, typing while the laptop keeps my legs warm, surrounded by (1) rolodex, (2) personal address book, (3) church directory, and (4) local phone book. All necessary as I expand that database to include addresses and phone numbers. Given my propensity for being uncoordinated, getting up for potty breaks is a study in hilarity. Each time I carefully move said items so I can set the laptop on the side table, enabling me the freedom to get out of the chair. BUT each time I either knock something over, catch the computer cord in the chair, step on a stray piece of paper causing me to slip while trying to stand up... You get the picture.

My klutziness is legendary. Really. *sigh* You see, it's inherited and no amount of care on my part seems to make a lick of difference. I learned this cruel fact early on, at the tender age of 14. We had moved back to Kentucky when my mom got really sick and lost her job. We hadn't been back long when she sent me to the store for a few things. It's a small town (population less than 800) but having moved there from the Detroit 'burbs, I hadn't yet learned that everyone knows everyone. So I do my shopping, and head to the checkout lane. Suddenly I'm grabbed by a very old, sort of shriveled up toothless man who starts jabbering in a language I'm still trying to learn (commonly known as Southern English). To say I was freaked out is an understatement. But for the huge smile on his face, I would have been even more frightened. Finally I began to understand what he was trying to communicate. He was saying, "Yer Georgie's girl ain't ye?! Ye walk jest like 'er!"

So there you have it. As I discovered, being descended from the Stidhams meant I walked a certain way -- like a drunkard. Some can trace their family back to the Mayflower, or at least to some prominent person. I come from a family of klutzes who walks into doorways, trips over their own feet, and who are unable to do anything in a straight line. In my case it goes even farther. I can't eat a meal without spilling something down my front. I can be counted on to knock something over even from a distance of several feet. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to injuring myself (slamming fingers in doors and so on). And, as evidenced from today, I cannot rise gracefully from a recliner.

But boy am I hot when it comes to data input! Lightening fast fingers skim the keyboard! So let's just look at the positive, shall we? Focus on what I CAN do. And pray that I manage to get this posted before I knock the computer onto the floor and lose all that I've just accomplished.

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