Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Story of a Couch

Most people (including us) put less time and thought into buying a car than we put into purchasing a couch. Oh, the drama! Oh, the conversations, the multiple trips to look, the AGONY OF INDECISION. Fifteen months worth (refer to this post, question #2).

What's all the fuss about, you're wondering? Here's the criteria: COMFORTABLE (and let me tell you, we have found very little in the way of comfortable furniture here where Modern is king and they're stingy with their stuffing), EASY-TO-CARE-FOR (dry climate = constant battle with dirt and dust; add into the mix construction dust from next door and you get the idea), DOUBLES AS A BED (small house, one guest room, definitely needed extra sleeping space), FUNCTION could not trump FORM (we wanted PRETTY).

The indecision continued even yesterday as we drove back to a store we'd been to three times. We'd settled on a futon (Mission style) and which wood stain (dark)...all that was left was choosing a fabric color.  

But something didn't feel quite right.

We decided to park near the store where we were going to order the futon and walk two blocks on one side of the street and come back on the other, just to see if anything caught our eye. In that area are blocks and blocks of furniture stores that we'd already thoroughly examined.

The DMD (decision-making disorder) on this project has been colossal. Did we really think a brisk two block walk would change anything? To make things more fun I had a migraine plus a sore on the bottom of my foot that made walking difficult (stopped at a pharmacy where they let us buy a single band-aid).

First store we walked into had a red couch in the front window. We LOVE red couches! It was in a style we liked and was covered in fabric, not leather or vinyl (which, for some reason, most people here prefer). We asked about sofa bed options. The red couch wasn't a good candidate. But she showed us two other models that would accommodate a pull-out bed. Didn't like one of them -- really high, square, hard arms made reclining on the couch and relaxing an impossibility.

But the other...we both liked that one a lot. Shorter, slightly angled arms with pillows to provide comfortable support for a supine person. The base was covered in the fake leather so prevalent, but the sales person assured us it was very good quality and showed us a sample: thick so not easily poked or torn, and very pliable so not likely to get dry and crack. Even better were the slipcovered seat and back cushions that are easily removed and washed.

All in chocolate brown, and the fabric has a modern swirly design in taupe.

Plus, we didn't really need to get it in the sofa bed style because if you just take off the back cushions and one of the end cushions, it makes a more than adequate single bed.

In a word: PERFECT.

Comfortable, easy-to-care-for, doubles as a bed, form-meets-function in an extremely pleasant package.

*sigh of utter contentment*

We came home, Ivan hooked up the trailer and went back to retrieve our new couch. 'Cause we totally took the floor model. Which we had not seen on previous trips to the area because they'd only gotten it in stock on THURSDAY. Yes, just the day before. I wonder if they've ever moved stock that quickly before.

So today commences not only the weekly house cleaning, but also some serious rearranging of furniture. Which I do with a happy heart and a song on my lips.

[The song is not actually emitting from my lips. A good thing. Although I don't think there are noise ordinances or, if there are, they're not enforced. But still. I don't want to disturb the peace of our quiet neighborhood or cause the dogs to start howling.]

The living room seems so much more homey with a couch. Next up: get the pictures on the walls and sew new cushion covers for the Poang chairs.

P.S. Photos forthcoming tomorrow on Project 365.


Mari said...

I'm so happy for you - the perfect couch! Now you can take a picture of it for the 365 days post!

skoots1mom said...

yippee...don'cha just love God's timing...He exceeds our expectations when we patiently seek it.
We enjoyed our day i'm drinking some java and washing clothes, cleaning the kitchen and getting ready to go do a little 'hubby-christmas' shopping. Enjoy the rest of your day...I just posted some pics from our visit

Kay said...

I'm so glad you finally found a couch you can live with. I know what you mean about that stuff. We had a terrible time finding something we could agree on and we probably had more abundant choices than you all do. I'm glad you found a good match! : )

rita said...

Enjoyed this and can't wait to 'see' your couch via blog and sit on it myself someday!

KD said...

Yay you found a couch. We bought our very first couch EVER (we've only been married 31 years!) 2 years ago. It was a very exhausting effort, but we are still happy with the results so I guess it was worth it.