Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wherein we prayed all the way home that the car wouldn't explode

We took our co-workers' daughters into Cordoba for their piano lessons last evening and went to the book exchange while we waited. On the way home we suddenly started smelling gasoline. When we dropped the girls off Ivan got out to check on the problem. BIG leak and nothing he could do without his tools. We live almost directly south of them and it's all downhill so we hightailed it home, praying all the way that the car wouldn't explode. Obviously it didn't since I'm here to write about it.

Upon investigation Ivan found a small part that had worked its way completely out of place, leaving hefty leakage in its wake. He thinks it may have started a while back when an SUV in front of us suddenly went into reverse and slammed into our little Fiat Uno. He epoxied the part into place but that's a temporary fix so looks like we'll be taking the car BACK to the mechanic again. Last week it was the electrical system, this week something to do with the fuel injection pump.

Of course that's the way it is with older cars. Always something.

At least we were able to get home safely last night. For that I'm very thankful!

Didn't get a lot of books in the exchange but did find a series my co-worker will enjoy. Am missing the first out of six books; will have to see if I can find it online. Met two young couples as well as a single lady from Germany. Of the two couples, one husband is Argentine and was born near one of the places Ivan lived as a child. So the two of them were jabbering up a storm in Spanish.

We weren't surprised by the six degrees (or so) of separation we found existed. The lady hosting the book exchange is with an organization headed up by the man who used to be Ivan's roommate in Bible Institute. One of the wives is from a small town in northern Ohio not far from where we lived in southern Michigan and she knows people at one of the churches we've visited. The uncle of the lady from Ohio was a pilot with MAF in Indonesia where the other wife spent six years when her dad was a pilot with the same group. And the single German lady knows missionaries we know through our cousin in Oklahoma. Got all that? lol

Tonight will be the first English conversation group combining the women and men. (Which means I can't spend too much time on the computer because I need to get ready for it.) I'm a little nervous about it but Ivan will be there to help. I sent text invitation/reminders to nine people and have received positive responses from three but am expecting more.

I'm under strict orders not to mention how many days until my daughter arrives (you're not reading this part, are you Tina?) but if you'll notice what day it is and you know that she arrives on December 17th, you can figure that out and know why I'm doing the happy dance :-)


skoots1mom said...

I found three of the series books by Karen Kingsbury ... ended up buying all three series @ GoodWill yesterday...my cart was almost full with just books...
got dd a new blouse, some kitchen items and a rolling drink cooler (that will come in handy taking food items to the church)
i love going to the thrift store
Hope your english-speaking gathering is fantabulous

SmallTownRunner said...

I know you and Ivan will have a wonderful time with Tina. Has Tina been to Argentina before?

Mari said...

Glad you made it home safely! Have fun tonight.

Only one month to go!!!!!

rita said...

The countdown reminder is so we'll remember to pray for Tina to get everything done, right?
Your car caught the same bug as ours!
What series did you find?
We've been getting into a couple series about the Amish. Just happens our library has them in audio.
Hope all goes well tonight! What a great way to get into the community--with English, one of your expertises!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Glad you and the car are home safely and nothing exploded!

Great post title by the way.

Have fun at your group later.


sara said...

so glad your car didn't explode!!!

My daughter will be home one week from today....I am doing the happy dance with you!!! I know you are so excited!