Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 46, Project 365

Project 365 marches on. Not many weeks left in which to document our year in photos.

First up, these lovely flowers bloomed over at Centro Esperanza in spite of the intense heat and dry conditions (they were never watered since I didn't even know what they were).

While on a quick run to Disco I came out of the store to find this parked next to my car.

Fernet is the party drink of choice in Argentina. I don't know from personal experience but am told it has a rather bitter taste and is quite strong so it's mixed with Coke; what I do know from personal experience is that Monday mornings we'll find Fernet and Coke bottles littered all over the costanera.

I shared our neighbor's other dog in a previous 365 post; although both are cuties, this one is my favorite -- all his wrinkles just make him more adorable, like I hope mine will in years to come :-)

Wednesday we took Andrea to the airport to catch her flight home. I was snapping photos to document the occasion and said, "Come on, show your true feelings!"

And she did :-) This was a girl who was more than ready to see her fiancé after three long months. Even though they communicated via skype or Vonage phone every day, it's just not the same.

After my 8 a.m. appointment with the optometrist on Friday we stopped at an YPF for coffee and rolls. They also bring you orange juice, a tiny glass of agua con gas (soda water) and toast with butter and jam. All for less than $3 U.S. You can't even get a cafĂ© con leche alone for that in the U.S. 

Then we went shopping for frames. [It's done differently here; once you have your prescription for the lenses, you go to a store that sells frames to order your glasses.]  Ivan took a ton of photos of me modeling different pairs which I sent to my daughter and SIL for their input. I didn't like most of the frames but Ivan said I needed to show more than what I liked (only 4 pair) -- because I am fashionistically challenged (my words, not his). I really didn't like this pair; thought they were a bit over the top.

My SIL responded with her top four choices (which did not coincide with my four) and no, these didn't make her cut either. I'm still waiting on my daughter's opinion.

Those who are not regular visitors to my blog will not know of my obsession with finding "interesting" dresses. I totally scored with this gem! Sort of what I think Cindy Lauper would wear as a ballerina.

I saw a great dress a while back, but we were driving somewhere and in a hurry so I didn't stop to snap a photo. It was gone by the time I got back which made me really sad because it would have been PERFECT for my calendar..really short red and black dress with a top that reminded me of something a saloon girl might wear, and a long train of alternating red and black ruffles on the back that dragged the floor. You can be sure I won't let another one like that get away from me :-)

And that wraps up week #46 for me.


Mari said...

That van looks like a party on wheels! I think someone wearing the dress should probably be riding in that van!

phoyt said...

Aunt Kim, I think your flower is an amaryllis. Rachel says that your dress is really poofy. She didn't like it.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

As alwasy great pictures. The flowers (amaryillis I think???) are beautiful!

I ma have to give 365 a go next year, well maybe not!

I did see 2 hot air balloons on an afternoon trip and a dancing bright yellow chicken advertising a local hot wings restaurant yesterday but sadly I was driving and for safety reason did not think pulling out the old cell phone to try and take a picture was a wise thing to do!


sara said...

those flowers are beautiful and vibrant!!

I think that van would make you dizzy looking at it while moving!

I have decided that finding a new pair of glasses is worse than shopping for a new swimsuit!!!! Good luck!!!

Those are pretty funky on the sides...I saw a lot of that while I was shopping for mine!

Lisa said...

Wow, that van...and cute dog!

Thankfully I wear contacts, so I have had the same old frames for YEARS, but it doesn't matter because I never leave the house with them.

What happened with your computer? Was it able to be fixed/replaced?

LuAnn said...

That van is crazy!!!!! I love the dog too. Good luck with glasses - I wear contacts so I don't have that problem.

skoots1mom said...

my daughter has a blouse that matches that van...
the amaryllis is beautiful...
after i clicked on the dress, i saw the detailing at the top with the jewels...and that's pretty but I so don't understand the old looking magnolia blossoms at the waist...yuck! said...

That's quite the dress!
I can see you and Tina really getting into this calendar project.
I don't think I would take too kindly to my husband saying I was 'fashionistically challenged', but then after seeing your 'preference' in dresses he may be right. ;)
I think you need more hair for those glasses ;)
Love God's surprise blooms, reinforces the 'esperanza' concept.
Wonderful idea for a family ladies' art getaway!

rita said...

Thanks for the suggestion for thep pop-up comment.
I don't understand what happened to my previous comment, didn't show up the same way.

Melissa said...

Those flowers are amazing!!!! THey look like they're as big as a plate!!! Why don't I get those when I don't water things in Dallas?
Can't wait to see the final winner on the glasses.

beckyjomama said...

Those flowers are STUNNING!

No on the glasses ;-)

And my girls want the dress - nice and poofy!