Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I had a GREAT day!

My day started off by finding out I had won a $50 gift certificate to CNS stores from Mari's recipe blog! WOOT!!! I immediately went to the CSN website to see how I could spend it...and then the power went off. I was so disappointed to be left hanging like that. The power was off a couple of hours, but that just gave me time to do some necessary cleaning and class preparation.

I'm having a bit of DMD (decision making disorder) with what to get from CSN but have narrowed it down to either a stainless steel skillet (which I've been wanting forever) and a nice set of steak knives. We have a friend coming next month who I hope will be able to bring whatever I decide to get. Pretty great timing, right? God is good!

Mid-afternoon we took a walk along the costanera. It was another beautiful NORMAL winter day with temperatures in the high 50s. I had to take my jacket off halfway during the walk, and later took my sweater off for a while too. There's one stretch where the wind is always stronger and we need our jackets, but most of the walk we don't.

Had a GREAT English class tonight. The kids were in fine form, and thoroughly enjoyed both learning how to make brownies and then eating them :)  It took about an hour to mix and bake the brownies; less than 10 minutes to make them disappear. Hopefully their new cooking vocabulary won't disappear that quickly. Some of the other things they want to learn how to make include banana bread, apple torte, and granola bars. See a trend? Yep, these kids love their sweets. But they also want to learn how to make bread and soup which is on the schedule for next week. Along with vocabulary for soccer. Quite the combo!

Remember Charlie?
He's going to teach us how to make bread. So glad that task doesn't fall to me! I'm not a very good bread maker. I do okay with the 5-minute artisan bread but if it requires kneading, faggeddaboudit. I even once had a Mennonite friend show me how to make bread but despite her careful instructions and demonstration, mine still came out like a brick. *sigh* I have the same problem with pie dough.

Charlie, although only 14, is quite the cook. Probably because he loves to eat so much. Not sure how he stays so thin, considering how he puts it away. His prodigious appetite is legend and tonight when Ivan asked the English word for "comer" (to eat) several of the kids piped up and said, "Charlie!" lol

While Ivan took the kids home after class, I put together a quick chicken and vegetable soup which we ate with [store bought] bread and butter. YUM! I am a huge fan of soup and could eat it every day in the winter. 

Yep, I had a GREAT day!


Mari said...

Glad you had a great day! That decision making is hard for me too.
The weather sounds just perfect!

rita said...

So, English class is all kids now? and all about cooking? ;)
Our experience with Amaia has made me realize how unfair it is for us in the USA to expect our kids to be HIT by a foreign language in HS and feel good about it. Both Kayla and the boy I tutored, barely passed and lost any positive feeling or excitement about learning they may have had in the beginning.
Instead, in Europe they start learning English in preschool! And then in HS send them abroad, if possible--a gradual sinking in. Even so, it is still such a challenge for them.
Who am I talking to? And adult learner who understands completely!

SusanD said...

So glad it's warmed up for you. Bread making....yum. I'm going to try that this winter. I'll let you know how it goes for me. Congrats on winning the $50 gift certificate. I just got a stainless skillet. Love it! I'll be having a giveaway soon too, so be on the look out for it. Have a great day. Blessings, SusanD

The Bug said...

I'm tickled you won something! I have the same problem when I have a gift certificate - it takes me forever to decide what to get.

That's hilarious that Charlie is the English word for comer - I'll have to remember that :)

Maria Killam said...

Yaay, so fun to win something!

Betty said...

Congrats on the win Kim! You deserve it. I never enter those contests because I know they only deliver to the US and Canada. And we have nobody coming this way to bring it to me.
Glad you had a good day!
P.S. Even though I´m Mennonite, I still can´t bake bread! :)

Jen T said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and all of your stories. You have the most interesting days! I wish I had Charlie's metabolism..he's a cute little boy. Enjoy cooking next week!