Sunday, April 3, 2011

Project 365, Week 14 (and some from weeks 12 & 13 too)

Yes, I am going to attempt catching up with Project 365. Because of the hearing loss/vertigo issue I haven't been out and about much until this past week (except to the doctors), plus it's really hard to snap many photos when your primary position is prone :)  However, I do have an abundance of photos this week so let's not waste any more time...

I mentioned in a previous post that the surveyor had finally gotten around to doing our lot. Three of the corners were not really where we expected them to be, but this one was right on the money... the front corner against the neighbor's fence.

Before the first trip into Cordoba for a series of hearing tests I packed a lunch...and then left it sitting in the kitchen :(  So we stopped at this little Greek style restaurant that had an appetizer plate for two, with hummus, stuffed grape leaves, tabouli and falafel. YUM!

We went for a walk one day while the vertigo was still a serious problem so there were frequent stops to sit down. At one stop we saw group of swans hanging out:

On the next trip into Cordoba for more tests we parked near this very cool oldie but goodie:
Isn't it just the cutest car?!

Last Saturday I painted the front side of these cupboard doors (they'll fit an odd storage space over a bathtub):

Monday I caved to the crave and made No Bakes:

FINALLY finished the baby quilt (that I started in January) on Tuesday. I didn't have enough of any one fabric to do the binding so used bits and pieces of several to continue the primary color theme:
Wednesday we delivered the quilt to a happy mama and little Juan Ignacio:
Lorena decorated the nursery in bright primary colors so the quilt works perfectly :)

This photo is mostly for my daughter. Tina, see in the very middle of the picture -- it says "Sushi Point"! It's a new place that just opened this year.

Even though the lake is rather stinky this week (smells like dead fish), it hasn't stopped people from enjoying it:

One of the ways a business will advertise here is to hire these cyclists with billboards. One of them also has a speaker system and broadcasts (loudly!) an accompanying audio advertisement.
They just bike around town all day, every day, spreading the word for whatever company has hired them.

Today I knocked my big white ceramic bowl off the table while sweeping :(
I've had that bowl for at least 15 years, maybe closer to 20. It was a Christmas gift and I've always really liked it. It was ginormous and perfect for salads when we had a crowd. The rest of the time I used it as a fruit bowl on the counter. Oh, and at the same time I also took out the butter dish with a new stick of butter that was sitting next to the bowl. *sigh* 

This morning Ivan finally found a telephone pole (he's been looking for weeks) that he could use as the corner post for our fence. He had to get that put in a.s.a.p. because we're having someone with a back hoe come in and level out that back area which is EXTREMELY uneven right now. There's a mound of dirt/debris right next to a very low area. Ivan knew it would be much, much easier to put that post in NOW rather than having to dig through several feet of dirt/debris after the fact.
He painted (all that he thought would be buried) with asphalt paint to keep it from rotting.

I know, my life is so exciting...cupboard doors, fence posts, broken bowls...

What IS exciting is that we will be going on furlough IN EXACTLY ONE MONTH! We still have SO much to do before then. It's going to be a crazy busy month!

I'm hoping to meet some of my bloggy friends during the time we'll be in the states. Some of you live in far away places that we won't be going to, but hopefully I can connect with those in Georgia (our mission headquarters is in Lawrenceville), Indiana and Michigan. Oh, and we'll be making a trip to Arizona too.


skoots1mom said...

omgoodness...i can't wait! how exciting to be on furlough...still praying you'll be completely OVER all the inner ear stuff by then.
I hate it when i break something I really use a lot...seems i break many things these days..mainly my reading glasses.
i'm eager for you, me and BS&K to meet and have some FUN together ;)

McCrakensx4 said...

Hoping you feel better soon...can't imagine it being much fun with all tha awful dizziness. That greek food looked DELISH...YUM! And how fun to come back to the states for a old and new stomping grounds too! (MI & AZ)

Mari said...

I'm praying that your vertigo issue is soon healed!
I love that car! Glad you are continuing to make progress on the land/house things.
I think it would be great to meet when you are back here on furlough!

Betty said...

That´s the thing about tile floors....everything breaks when it falls on it! I guess you´ll have to look for a new bowl when you are in the US.
How long will you be on furlough? I hope you will keep us updated on the blog while you´re there.
Hope your vertigo is getting less and less and you´ll be better when you leave.

sara said...

I am praying your vertigo is better if not gone this week!

you need to take control of your bionic powers when you sweep...obviously! :)

Why does the lake smell like dead fish? Is there a problem?

so, you can't squeeze in a trip to Arkansas? or somewhere 1/2 way?

LuAnn said...

I am thinking had might had vertigo this week too. Three days of total dizziness. Never had it before and it was awful. Finally took bonine so I could go to my signs ball game yesterday. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Mimi said...

Wow, I'm in Michigan, where are you going to be. I hope your vertigo is all cleared up, I'm sorry if you mentioned that & I missed it, my brain is a little fried today, lol!

Have a great week,

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Oh I hope we don't miss each other. the hubs and I will be on vacation from may 4 to may long will you be in town for??????

Great way to catch us all up!

I hope you are feeling better!


RaD said...

Yep, I'm too far out for a visit but I hope you enjoy meeting all the new friends.

Your quilts are always awesome, I'll bet the mommy was excited.

Now I want to go make some no bake cookies. :)

Cristina said...

Is the Sushi place in Carlos Paz? Have you tried it?

Can't wait to see you so very soon!!!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

beautiful quilt. sorry about the dish, it happens to the best of us

rita said...

It's time for a Klaytivity big bowl and butter bell!
Great to see Lorena and little Juan Ignacio--good name!
Really missed your cooking/hostessing skills yesterday. Mother tried so hard and did her best to have a party for Dad. I'm not as good at helping/organizing/thinking of everything as you!

momma frans said...

letme know if you happen to come thru central Texas!
love the picture of the old car. it IS cute!
the Greek food looked delicious. perhaps you should leave the lunch on the counter more often, huh? ;-)
your quilt turned out wonderful and the picture of momma and baby is precious.
great pictures!!

Jen T said...

I love, LOVE the foody pics!! I can't believe you'll be in Georgia. I'm in Cartersville..way in NW. JenT

The Bug said...

Mmm to the Greek food - it's making me crave :)

Love the quilt - it's so much fun with all the colors.

I agree - hope the vertigo & hearing loss STAYS AWAY!

Hmm - Ohio borders Indiana & Michigan :)

Oldfangled said...

I would take a job cycling around town all day. Sounds like fun and great exercise!


I love me some no bakes. I may go home and make some myself.

Elizabeth said...

I love the quilt... so bright and colorful!

Lhoyt said...

So neat to see the children we knew all grown up and having their own family! From the pic, Lorena looks a lot like her mother, which is quite a compliment!