Monday, April 25, 2011

Project 365, Week 17

Only a day late with Project 365, instead of a whole week this time :)

A week ago Sunday we took a bunch of photos in an attempt to find one we could use on our prayer cards (which should have been ordered weeks earlier but then I'm behind on just about everything these days). Anyway, this was the best of the lot and although the light is uneven, the man who's designing our prayer card said he could work with it.

These open tour buses take the tourists around our fair city and we often see them on the costanera during our walks. Gotta love the big smiley face on the front!

On our way to visit a friend who lives off the beaten path we passed this place...
Reminded me of the forts we used to build with chairs and blankets when we were kids :)  Not sure if there's a more stable structure underneath or if it's just a frame with these large pieces of fabric to keep the wind out. Makes me wonder if it's still standing after several days of high winds over the weekend.

The friend we went to visit gave us some walnuts collected from his trees and that evening Ivan hulled them.
I've already used almost all of them as I made three batches of brownies for various activities this past week. As Emeril would say, these walnuts really helped "Kick it up a notch!" Best brownies EVA.

We pass this house almost every time we take a walk, and this week I decided to take a photo for our scrapbook with construction ideas.
I like both the inset bars on the windows and the cement "frames" around the windows -- I think it makes for a much cleaner look than some of the other designs we've seen. What do you think?

There's a sign artist in Cordoba who sells at a street fair every weekend, as well as the big artisan's fair (the one with almost 800 vendors). Ivan snapped this photo of one of his larger pieces. Such detail!

A friend of ours started a men's meeting when he moved to a new town several years ago and out of that has grown a church! He and his wife and two families spent several days in Sta. Rosa over the long weekend and on Friday he baptized the two men and their wives. We drove out to join them for the day. What a blessing!
After the baptism at noon we enjoyed a wonderful meal together. One of the men prepared "pollo al disco" which is basically a chicken stew prepared in a large pan over an open fire; the pan is actually a plow disk with sides! (I came across this great post with an explanation of the dish and the recipe if you're interested.)
While we were at the river I noticed this tree with thorns protruding from its trunk. Ivan said it's a black acacia.
It reminded me of the crown of thorns, so appropriate for the day and event. With baptism, we identify with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. What a great prelude to Easter Sunday when we celebrate the hope, the glory and the life to come


sara said...

I think that is a great picture! And I would LOVE to have one of your prayer cards!! I keep all of the prayer cards of missionaries I am praying for on my frig and I would love to add yours!

do you think someone is living in that structure with the fabric?

I have never seen a tree with thorns.

rita said...

Good photo! Soon we will see you F2F!
Like the smiley bus. Hope to ride it some day!
I was gonna say: "8 walnuts a day" and then I read that they're all gone ;)
Tango sign reminded me of the Argentine restaurant "Tango Sur" in Chicago. We tried to get in, but it was literally wall-to-wall packed :(
So exciting about the new church and baptisms! (Is that a Núñez?)
Love the message of the thorns. We have a similar tree with that constant reminder.

Betty said...

You guys look great, and I think you picked a good picture for your prayer card.
Interesting week and Easter you had. Love the tour buses you have over there, so friendly.

Mari said...

That tree with the thorns looks wicked - but like you said it was appropriate for the week.
I think the picture of you and Ivan turned out great!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Were your ears burning yesterday??? We were talking about you at lunch. I am sure the Skoots has mentioned the daughter of a friend of our who will be going to S.A. for a school/study/work thing. We were telling her all about you and all your happening down in S.A!

Loved the bus with the face!


The Bug said...

Mmmm - brownies... :)

Love the smiley bus - it just looks like it would be more FUN than a regular bus.

You guys look great in your picture!

Mimi said...

Okay the building with what looks like huge blankets really has me wondering, lol!

I love that thorny tree, so appropriate.

Have a good week,

skoots1mom said...

great pic of you two!
what a great time you've had this week.
hope this finds you completely well from your vertigo.

McCrakensx4 said...

Love the pic of you and hubby...very nice! And great connection between the tree and crown of thorns; I love it. And what a wonderful way to spend your Saturday. Hope you had a Blessed Easter