Saturday, April 16, 2011

Project 365, Weeks 15 & 16

Once again playing catch-up. Lots of photos from the past two weeks to share!

Two weeks ago we headed to Sta. Rosa on Monday. That night missionary friends arrived from Buenos Aires, delivering a suitcase another friend had brought from the U.S. in March. One of the items was a Shutterfly book our daughter put together (wedding pictures!). Which I've enjoyed showing to everyone I know -- from my hairdresser, to co-workers, to the people who own and manage our favorite tea store in Belgrano (they said hi, Wally and Katie!). And now I'll share the front cover and a few pages with you :)

Of course I have some outdoor photos from the country to show you. Can't go to Sta. Rosa and not take plenty of those! It's kind of hard to tell, but there's a bird sitting on the rock by the river. It's yellow belly and brown "coat" blend in so well with the river rocks and water.
The neighbor's horses were taking a nap. I think, anyway. One was resting his head on the other -- until I started snapping pictures.
We were there to get things ready for a young couple who will use the back bedroom suite for the next six months. Money saved from not paying rent can go to buy materials to build a small house on a lot purchased shortly before they were married. They work with a drug and alcohol rehabilitation ministry nearby and can eat their meals there but needed a place to sleep, and just get away.

While Ivan worked on installing a secondary door between the 2nd and back bedrooms (to provide more privacy, like at hotels with connecting rooms -- either or both sides can lock their doors) I painted the frame around a storage area above the tub in the main bathroom. So here are the results of our labors...
Installing this door was a challenge because the door frame is wonky, measuring 71 cm across at the top, 70.3 cm in the middle and 70.6 at the bottom. In the end he had to remove the middle hinge to make it work right.

Creating a secure storage area was important because the storeroom where we keep all our personal junk  stuff  household items is part of the back bedroom suite. Adding lockable doors to the space above the tub allowed us to safely stash a few basic items (towels, bedding for one bed, pillows). [Everything else we brought back to Carlos Paz to store in the garage.] The bath is just too small to get a photo of the whole storage space above the tub, but here's a partial shot:
As you can see, the space slopes with the roof line, which meant he had to make odd-shaped doors. It's so nice being married to such a handy guy!

Toward the end of the week we visited Aldo and Mirta in Rio Tercero. Mirta is a dear friend of Rita's -- I could be wrong, but I do believe they've been friends since grade school! And Mirta has saved Rita's letters over the years, carefully keeping them in a binder which we will hand deliver in a few weeks; they should be invaluable as Rita works on writing a family history.

On the drive over we passed a church in Santa Isabel that Ivan remembers his family helping to build, so we stopped to take a photo:
[The building isn't wonky, just my photography skills.]

Upon our return to Carlos Paz last Sunday we were greeted by this glorious display of roses at the front of the house...
I love that roses bloom here for 8-9 months out of the year!

I took an early morning walk one day and came across this new construction. Looks like a small condo development is going up.

We went to Cordoba twice this week. Our co-workers own a foreign built vehicle that's almost impossible to get parts for, but they found a place in Cordoba that rebuilds old parts so we took them in. This gorgeous turquoise jeep was parked nearby:
Yes, my passion for all things aqua or turquoise continues unabated.

Later on we had dinner with friends. Most of the family had gathered to celebrate Valentina's first birthday -- she looks a little sleepy in this photo taken near the end of the evening but cousin Juan looks ready to party through the night -- hope he let his parents get some sleep :)

And we returned to Cordoba on Friday for the big artisan fair. Around 750 vendors from all over South America set up for this 10-day show. I am particularly fond of things made from wood, like this lovely pie server. Isn't the wood grain lovely?!
And Mari, this photo is for you -- the gloves you won on my giveaway last year were made by this woman! I found her at the fair again and Ivan took her photo.
So ends another looooong Project 365 post.

Can't promise things will improve any time soon. We leave for furlough in just over two weeks, and we have SOOOOOO many things to get done before then. Ivan is trying to get tramites (paperwork stuff) handled... appreciate your prayers about that. The two items we really need are still in limbo -- and not for lack of our trying! If they don't get done before we leave, I'm not sure how it will affect some of the legalities of living here.

And our co-workers are moving into our house while we're gone so I have to pack everything in the closets and dressers, plus a lot of personal decorative stuff because they'll be using the space differently than we do.

So you can see why I won't be around much in the next few weeks :)


Mari said...

I loved all the pictures on this post, but how cool it was to see the lady that made the gloves!
They are about to be put away for a few seasons, but I sure have enjoyed them!
I like your wedding photo book too. The pages you showed looked so nice!
I'm just working on one from our Colorado trip last year. It's the first time I've done this and I'm having lots of fun!

Betty said...

How long will you be gone? Sounds like your getting ready for a longer stay abroad.
You really are lucky to have such a handy guy. Can you imagine how much it would cost to always hire someone to do stuff like that?! Not just money, but the nerves... :)
Happy packing!

sara said... guys are so busy!!

my roses are blooming too! I love it!!

So excited for you for the furlough...praying these next two weeks go smoothly!!!

rita said...

Soooooo good to see you back! Was worried, more about your vertigo issues. But I understand the uber business!
And I sooooo loved seeing photo of you both with Mirtha and Aldo!
How fun that you can often get together with the Colles.
Sta. Isabel church still going!

The Bug said...

What a lot of great pictures. LOVE the wedding album. I was just working on my Shutterfly book tonight.

Wow that Ivan is pretty amazing! Dr. M can do a lot of things too, but not woodworking at all.

Good luck with all the stuff you need to get done!

skoots1mom said...

isn't that a gorgeous picture book...
love all your shots...and I saw the bird/ neat!
love the horsies, too.
ya'll amaze get so much done.
eager for everything to fall into place for your travels

LuAnn said...

Your daughter's wedding looks beautiful.

And the pictures are amazing !!!

You are busy people - I know you will get everything done.

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun and busy last couple of weeks. The wedding book was beautiful. And so do the roses! I wish my guy was handy..oh well. Great job on the doors! (and everything else!)

Mimi said...

What a whirlwind it looks like you've been buys with. I adore that wedding book.

Have a great week,

The Cyber Hermit said...

It looks like it was a beautiful wedding.

(And can I say I covet your pie server?)

Enjoy your furlough!

Sharon said...

when you read fast "tramites" looks like "termites" ...and really it's not all that different


What great pictures and what lovely wedding pictures! You had a busy week and I hope you enjoy every minute of your furlough.

Oldfangled said...

I think your favorite word is "wonky."