Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royally Good Time

I hadn't planned on getting up early to watch THE wedding. But since my poor husband spent an uncomfortable night with tummy issues, we were both up well before the event started and decided to go ahead and tune in.

I may be one of the few women my age who did NOT watch the marriage of Charles and Diana so I really can't compare the two, but I enjoyed this stately occasion with all its pomp and pageantry.
It was also fun to do a little research on the royal family while watching the festivities, learning more than I ever knew (or needed to know) about the parties involved. Like the fact that the Queen's mum didn't like Philip at first and initially referred to him as "The Hun" because of his German connections. Reminds me of my mom's endearing nickname for a boyfriend back in the day: The Grinning Idiot. 

Plenty of grinning going on today -- I particularly liked Catherine's as Wills wrestled the ring on her finger.
I can just imagine her thinking, "Gotcha!"

And to think, it only took her seven years! No longer can we call her "Waity Katey"

Oh, and that reminds me... why is she called Kate with a "K" when her proper name begins with a "C"? Shouldn't it be Cate?

I was not all that impressed by the dress. Call me a philistine, but it just seemed a little blah after all the build up. Classic but excessively understated, but I just figured it fit Kate-with-a-K's simple, relaxed style. Then I saw this photo:
Much more impressive when you can see the level of detail, especially around the bottom of the skirt and train.

The entire affair was reminiscent of something out of a musical or movie, replete with hundreds of thousands of extras.
In order to ensure front row "seats" some folks camped out...
I can't imagine anything I'd be willing to camp out for, since my idea of roughing it is a hotel without a pool, but I am clearly in the minority... I personally think the view through the TV screen (in my case, it was actually a computer screen) was as good, if not better, than those who lined the streets.

But then again, there's something to be said for being able to say, "I was there!"

I'd especially like to say "I was there!" for this amazing cake :)
With me, it always comes back to the food.


Mari said...

I did see Charles and Diana's wedding and now this one too. I thought it was really nice and I thought the dress was beautiful - to me it seemed just right for her, classic and elegant.
The cake is amazing!

Betty said...

Haha, it comes down to food. Me too! :)
I watched bits of the wedding at work (I have internet there), but saw most of it later on the news. CNN was replaying the whole wedding.

rita said...

We recorded it and watched most of it last night. Mike wouldn't have thought of it, but I suggested a true once in a lifetime event like that was preferable to some of the man-movies he records ;)
I wondered about the 'K' instead of 'C' also.
Her smile is gorgeous and the dress and veil trim (close-up) also. Far lovelier than Diana's puffy dress!
I was impressed by the ceremony the hymn singing, Scripture, and homily. All very meaningful, indeed.
About the pageantry. It's fun to see that once in a while, and, as they say, nobody does it better. It did make me think of the heavenly wedding that awaits...unimaginable, unfathomable, inexpressably grand.

The Bug said...

Ooh yes - I would have LOVED to have a piece of that cake!

They really did look so happy. William even had that same sort of sheepish look that Mike had after our wedding - like "what the heck did I just do?" Cute. I really really wish them well. At least they took their time so she should be more prepared for the life than Diana was.