Friday, February 15, 2008

How Our Hearts Are Enlarged

Following the Compassion bloggers in Uganda has become the highlight of my day. Today I read Shannon's post and then hopped over to Carlos's blog and watched the video footage he'd taken of Shannon meeting Dissan. Oh.My.Goodness. If you can watch that without needing a wad of tissues, there's something wrong with you.

And this picture or the one found here of Sophie holding her Compassion child. Well, what can you say except Thank You Jesus?!

The stories, the pictures, evoke strong feelings in me. Brings back so many memories of children at Kasana Children's Center. I had a picture collage of some of the children on my wall for years but when daughter moved to Indiana last month, she took the collage with her. But I can close my eyes and see the children clearly.

This picture immediately brought to mind Sammy, the second child to come to Hope House. I loved holding him just like Sophie is holding Sharon. He was a snuggler and an absolute sweety. Abandoned by the side of a busy road, Sammy was rescued from crawling into traffic by a jajja (grandmother). During our last couple months in Uganda, Sammy was the only baby at Hope House and I spent a good amount of time over there. If Uganda didn't have such tough adoption rules (you must live in the country for three years first), I would have wanted to bring Sammy home with us. So I totally got it when Heather posted "She Will Fit In My Suitcase."

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