Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fatigued, Tired, Whooped...

However you say it, that's how I felt yesterday. I was in bed by 7:30 last night! Like the Giant Energy Vacuum came along and just sucked out every ounce. Whew. I HATE feeling like that.

We're at my in-laws for the weekend since the churches we're visiting this week are in northwestern Indiana. This puts us two hours closer to our destination, which means two hours less driving time on Sunday -- a very good thing.

Before moving to Indiana, our daughter worked with the youth at church, and she'd invited her high school girls to visit this weekend. So we brought the four who were able to come. Even though our Crown Vic is pretty roomy, because the heater doesn't really work we kept our winter coats on and that meant we were like six giant marshmallows crammed into the car. Very cozy :-) One of the girls is ADHD so we stopped halfway into the two hour drive and made like a Chinese fire drill.

Interesting to listen to them chatter. Was I ever that young? Maybe that's what made me so tired. Realizing that I am now THREE TIMES THEIR AGE. I look in the mirror and see this older lady's face. I wake up in the morning and feel the aches and pains that come with age. But inside I do not feel much older than these girls. I need the attitude, "I'm not old, merely older." Yeah, just gotta keep telling myself that.

This is my first post on the new computer. :-) Enjoying it, except it did crash the first time I tried using it this morning. Hubby isn't sure why it happened, and hopefully it's an isolated event. Our son gave us "homework" to do on the computer so we can start getting used to it. I'm going to help our daughter design a flyer for the housecleaning business she wants to start. I'm used to PageMaker which I bought fifteen years ago. Apparently PageMaker was bought and the name changed some years ago so Jon wants me to try the Pages program that comes with the Mac software we're buying. I like WYSIWYG and he says Pages also has that so we'll see. Trying to have a good attitude but it's hard to change when you've been using something so long. Isn't dislike of C.H.A.N.G.E. indicative of old age? Oh dear.

Well, you don't get change bigger than a mid-life career switch and moving to another continent. And I seem to be handling that sort of, kind of, well maybe somewhat okay. It hasn't been too traumatic getting rid of all our furniture. Or starting to prepare for the actual move in a few months. But guess we'll have to wait and see how I do with the actual move.

Hmmm. So maybe this smaller change of switching to a different desktop publishing program is just one of those baby steps God gives on the way to bigger steps.

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