Monday, February 11, 2008

Warm Towels Fresh From the Dryer

We got home about 1 a.m. this morning after a VERY LONG Sunday of traveling to a couple different churches. We were in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and finally back to Michigan. And it was SO COLD! We shivered during the entire five hours of drive time. Once home I heated up one of those bean baggy things in the microwave but it was just too small. Tried the heating pad but it wasn't hot enough. Finally threw some towels in the dryer for 10 minutes, then we wrapped them around our feet. Ahhhhh, a little bit of heaven :-)

Our car didn't want to start when we prepared to leave the church last night around 11 p.m. Hubby opened the hood and fiddled with a few things and it finally started. He's thinking it might be the starter but can't get it into the shop until Thursday. It did start this afternoon without a problem so we're thankful for that!

I'm very excited about sewing with my friends tomorrow! Still trying to figure out how to do the background on the African memory quilt. I'm trying one idea on a smaller scale that I'll give to my daughter 'cause she wants a memory quilt, too.

Busy week but mostly at home for which I'm thankful. I'm just a wee bit tired of all the traveling :-) And with it being so cold, I don't plan on leaving the house until I have to on Wednesday. Being home a good part of the week will give me a chance to try some of those yummy sounding recipes from the Saturday Stirrings!

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