Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Memory Quilt Progressing

This memory quilt business is stretching me! Not being the most creative person, I am most comfortable following patterns or someone else's directions. But now I am "flying by the seat of my pants".

Because of this, I'm finishing up a secondary smaller memory quilt for my daughter. Because I still haven't figured out how I want to do the background and after several false starts I decided to finish off one of the attempts but on a smaller scale. Hence, a quilt for my daughter (who'd been lobbying for one anyway).

I still don't know how hers is going to end up either. I'm playing with ideas. What I do know: (1) She'll have a small African continent made from woven bark cloth and green fabric; (2) She'll have a stylized African woman in black silhouette; (3) She'll have several 3" to 4" batiks pieced into the background; (4) Her background is very colorful with oddly shaped strips of rich jewel-tone fabrics; and (5) There will be dimensional objects -- I'm just not sure what they'll be!

I'm having a lot of fun but admit it's kinda stressful doing this without a master plan. But I've spent six years paralyzed by indecision over this! I knew when we came back from Uganda that I wanted to do a memory quilt. But I just haven't been able to decide on a design. Finally I realized it was necessary to DO MORE THAN ONE! What a concept :-)

The bloggers who went to Uganda with Compassion have inspired me with their stories, photos and videos. I'd started working on the quilt before, but I think it's progressing a lot faster because of what I've been viewing online in the past week.

And my quilting buddies have helped, too, as we brainstorm possibilities each Tuesday. I really appreciate that they join me on days as cold as it was today! We're all working on different projects and it's just fun hanging out while we work. These ladies are such a HUGE blessing!!!

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