Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Love Writing Thank Yous!

Today I caught up on thank yous.

For over three years we used the extremely nice cards from our mission agency with their very cool logo done in tone-on-tone gray. Simple but elegant.

Then a fellow missionary appointee showed me the cards she makes on the computer, using pictures from the country where they'll be working. What a great idea! Hubby thought so, too, and he spent a lot of time looking for beautiful scenic shots.

I've always enjoyed writing thank yous, but now it's even more fun. Every time I print a card to use, seeing the city of Carlos Paz on the front makes me smile. Every time :-)

'Cause the thank yous are to people who are helping us get closer to Carlos Paz. Every card is for someone who has given and prayed for the ministry. And that's why I love writing thank yous!

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