Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Baby, It's Cold Outside"


I don't know 'bout y'all, but I am SO ready for winter to be over. Doesn't help that our car heater isn't quite up to the task. Even if we go somewhere two hours away, it never heats up. So we keep one fleece blanket in the car. And lately I've been taking another one along as well. 'Cause one just doesn't cut it when it's below zero.

Been taking that second blanket along way too much lately!

Our son spent part of the afternoon setting us up with the things we need on our new computer. And now hubby's having a lot of fun learning to navigate his way around a Mac. We'll both have to re-learn some things. But it will be worth it! We're pretty excited about things we can do on a Mac that weren't possible (or else very difficult) on the PC.

Like putting together 30 second video *updates* we can send to prayer supporters. Won't that be way cooler than a plain old e-mail?!

And that built-in camera/video function means that once we're in Argentina, we can SEE our kids and not simply just talk to them on the phone. That makes me so happy I could...well, do a little dance. Or maybe a whole hoedown! :-)

I went through my fabric stash today, just laying a bunch out on the couch and contemplating which pieces I should use for the background on the memory quilt. And spent time talking with hubby, brainstorming ideas for what would work best. He has a good eye for color and design and takes a real interest in my projects. [No ladies, he's not for rent.]

It's been four months since hubby quit his job to *do* deputation full-time. After a few months of being together 24/7 we have reached the point of critical mass (Critical Mass:[Origin: 1940–45]Function: noun. 1. A size, number, or amount large enough to produce a particular result) and have worked out a deal for him to give me a little breathing space. Now I love, love, love my husband. But I'm one of those people who needs *alone time* periodically. Didn't realize quite how much until I didn't have it for a Really. Really. Really. Long. Time.

With us together so much, and him doing most of the driving, we just realized today that the car was WAAAAY overdue for an oil change. Since I haven't been driving much, I haven't noticed the mileage. Without even thinking about it, I abdicated responsibility for car care and gave it over to him. Problem is, I forgot to tell him. So he's thinking I'm still taking care of it, and I'm thinking he can handle it instead.

So we'll just combine my need for some alone time and the car's need for an oil change and hubby will go take care of that tomorrow. Works for me!

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