Thursday, January 3, 2008

Good Sledding Weather

Obviously the weather wasn't real cooperative on moving day. We woke to 7-8 inches on the ground with news of more to come. The weather channel was saying that Indiana was getting even more. What to do? We'd borrowed the trailer, had the van all loaded, so made the decision to just go for it.

We didn't leave until after noon and it wasn't far down I-69 that we ran into heavy snow making it difficult to see. We forged ahead. Once we got to dad and mom's house Ivan and the kids had to do some shoveling before he could back the trailer down to the basement level. While they unloaded the trailer and van I whipped up some soft tacos.

And once we were done, we hopped back into the van and car and headed home.
That was NOT fun. Sometimes we'd have to drive through these little white outs where you couldn't see but a couple feet in front of you. I drove the car most of the way home but we finally stopped so Tina could take over. My shoulders still ache today from hunching over the steering wheel, quite tense over the situation.

But praise God we made it home just fine. Saw LOTS of cars off the road that weren't so fortunate. And last night we got another 3-4 inches, plus today we had light snow most of the day. Beautiful to look at, but glad I didn't have to go out today!!!

Tina went sledding with friends this evening, after tracking down some sleds. Everyone was sold out until they got to the Toy House in Jackson. My daughter is a chip off the old block and after a couple runs down Cascades Park, she was done. It's fun a couple of times, but then it just gets old. And wet. And cold. But she did have a good time. And also enjoyed a yummy meal at Appleby's later.

Friday is Tina's 'official' moving date. Almost all her stuff is already there but she's putting off moving herself until it's absolutely necessary.

Ivan and I will go down with her on Friday, help with some of the paperwork kinds of things and stay overnight so that on Saturday we can gather to celebrate Ivan's birthday. He wants to just hang out together, play games, enjoy one another's company. Good times! And since it's his birthday, we'll do what he wants. That's how it goes in this family. [Disclaimer: We do it when it's feasible.] And this is quite feasible, and a lot of fun besides.

Not sure what games we'll play. We have some favorites: Settlers of Katan, Hand & Foot (card game), Scrabble... And we'll have to figure out a nice meal to share as well. He's pretty easy to please since he likes pretty much everything.

This is a big birthday: the big 5-0. Didn't make it to Argentina before his 50th but we're close! Should be there in a matter of months. So nothing to be disappointed about. Just plenty to celebrate. And celebrate we will!

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