Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quiet Saturday in Rural America

The tip of my index finger is numb due to scissor stress. From snipping every 1/4 inch on 1,332 inches of open seams. But IT IS FINISHED! Hubby now has a cozy rag quilt to snuggle under when it's cold.

Now for the next project: an African memory wall quilt. The plan is to incorporate a few batiks we brought back from Uganda, along with various African themed fabrics I've been collecting. Oh, and some bark cloth we brought back, too. Royalty wears clothing made from bark cloth for special occasions. And the dead are typically wrapped in bark cloth for burial.

So that's what I'll be starting on Tuesday when I get together with my buds for our weekly sewing fest.

And if that's not enough excitement for the third day of the week, our new Macbook arrives Tuesday! YEAH! This computer keeps turning off with no warning. Sometimes I can't get it to stay on for more than five minutes. I turn it on, it turns itself off. I turn it back on, it turns off. Again and again. Very hard to get anything done when that happens. Technology is a wonderful thing --

Today was a really nice day to just hang out at home. Finished the quilt. Did a little housework. Took a bubble bath. Re-read a Mrs. Pollifax book. Tried not to think about all the traveling over the next few days. But looking forward to Tuesday with a kid-waiting-for-Christmas-kind-of-anticipation.

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