Friday, August 14, 2009

Four months and counting...

This mama is VERY EXCITED! Our daughter now has plane tickets to visit us in December. Woot! She had to wait until the final exam schedule was published and request permission from the provost to take a couple exams early so she could leave December 16th. It was the difference of at least $400 (partly because of the holidays but mostly because that is the start of summer here and the "high season" when airfare, hotels and everything else goes up, UP, UP).

[I'm doing the happy dance!]

In just over four months I'm gonna see my baby girl :-) Who will be a brand new college graduate!

I get to keep her here for almost two months. [Happy dance continuing]

Plus, it's Friday. Fridays are good. Fridays my brain can rest.

Today is so nice we had Spanish on the patio. With the birds chirping and the wind whipping up a little breeze and our vegetable garden looking all sprightly as I tried to wrap my mind (and my mouth) around Spanish prepositions and the subjunctive.

After class I put a load of freshly laundered clothes on the line, made myself a roast beef sandwich, skyped with the daughter and decided I had to share my good news with you [while doing the happy dance] before my brain shuts down completely as it is wont to do on Friday afternoons.

Tomorrow I'll be back with the recipe for Cuban pork roast and Cuban sandwiches. Because life is good and I want to share some of the goodness with you.


rita said...

We just got back from a lovely, joyful wedding and much happy dancing.
Called Mother and she told me Tina is soooooooooo excited. More happy dancing!
Your mention of the good weather there reminded me of three years ago at this time, when I arrived in Buenos Aires, it was like spring. Eunice was still wearing her wool hat and heavy coat and I never recognized her :(

Mari said...

I am soooo happy for you. I know how I count down the days until I can see my son, so I feel your joy! I'll do the happy dance with you!

skoots1mom said...

i kinda got the impression you were "doing the happy dance"...
i'm dancin' w/ ya...that's so cool!
This is an event you should make a 'ticker' for...go to and look for the vacation/travel tab...then you can play and build a ticker for her visit and post it on your site

i just got back from Southwestern Produce where I picked up a load of flash-frozen, fresh veggies to split w/ BS&K...8lb bags of broccoli, green bean, corn and peaches, along with 5lb bags of mango and dark i'm tired. (I definitely got in my upper-body and cardio workout...I hauled it all to the basement along with my two scales--one for large quantities and one for small--and began separating our portions into quart-sized bags. yippee!

(it's so nice to have the convenience of just using a cup skoop and taking out what you need instead of having to defrost an entire bag of veggies.)

dd is babysitting all day today, hubby's cutting and bagging the grass ... so now i'm going to sit in my recliner and pick out a new prayer shawl to begin for our 'chicks w/sticks' @ church.

enjoy your day!!

sara said...

doin' the happy dance with you!!!! and you get to have her visit for TWO great!!!!

I must remind myself when I am missing my daughter that I get to see her at Thanksgiving.....perspective is good.

Can't wait for the recipes...sounds deelish!!!