Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Should not have sat down

Because now I don't want to get up.

This is our busiest week since conference in March I think, and I'm kind of dizzy from the pace. We made a quick (relatively speaking) trip to Sta. Rosa yesterday to pick up all the twin size mattresses to use while the group is here from Palabra de Vida. Had a wonderful lunch with friends when we arrived and were back on the road within a few hours.

Did take time to water our citrus trees and have to say, I'm concerned they are not going to make it. Between us not getting out often enough to water sufficiently and the animals STILL getting into the yard despite our ingenious use of the parrot's nest, the wee little trees are struggling to survive.

When we made it back home, feeling rather like Granny and Jed Clampett with our pile of mattresses and Mufa Pufa paraphernalia in the trailer, we had to finish clearing out the office and set up one twin bed in there.

We've also been running laundry through as fast as we can. Our co-workers' washer broke down so they were catching up and now I'm plowing through five loads of my own. I had two loads of towels and sheets from Sta. Rosa in addition to the regular every day things. Good thing I love doing laundry :-)

We met up with our co-workers this afternoon to clean Centro Esperanza where we're putting the one couple in the group. That's a nice feature about renting a small house for our meetings; we have an extra bedroom and bath for hosting visitors. I spent my time inside but everyone else was busy outside, raking the yard and sweeping the sidewalk all the way to the corner. Ivan said if they hadn't done that, the leaves covering the neighbor's walk would have just blown back onto ours. I'm not sure how many bags of leaves they ended up with, but it was a lot. Looks so much better now.

Plus there was the dentist appointment and Spanish class. Between trips here and there I've been cleaning our home too. And cooking. Two big roasts are in the crockpot and are taking longer than I thought they would. Maybe because they're really crammed in there. I'll be using the meat to make sandwiches for one meal and Shepherd's casserole for another.

After mentioning my qualms about cooking for a crowd again, Skoots1Mom put together a mini-cookbook for me! She spent untold hours researching and finding some really yummy recipes for large groups. Isn't that just the best?! I tell you what, when we come on furlough I'm going to track that woman down and give her a great big old hug! Yes I am :-) And Skoots, I found broccoli today!!! Woot! So I can try the Company Broccoli Cheddar Salad. I'm planning on trying several of the recipes. And any I don't use this week will be pulled out for future events. Several times a year we have dinners for large groups, so ALL the info will come in handy. Muchas gracias Skoots!

I really do have to get up. Switch laundry. Check on the roasts. Find something easy to eat for dinner. Locate the lotion so I can slather it on my hands which feel like rough grade sandpaper from having them in water so much. Look at the photos again that I received from my sister today. Goodness my nieces are growing up so fast! Thanks for the package Beth :-) All the goodies are MUCH APPRECIATED. The Puffs I'm already using because my nose is a little tender from excessive use of locally purchased tissues. Which also feel rather like rough grade sandpaper, now that I think about it.


Mari said...

Sounds so busy - no wonder you're tired! How sweet of Skoots to help you out!

skoots1mom said...

golly gee, God has provided you the energy indeed to get all of that done...man o man, it wore me out and i was just reading it.

my putting that stuff together was nothing ... it was fun pulling it together with hopes it would help relieve some of your 'company-coming' stress :)

i made a fresh key lime pie 2night for tomorrow's class, and i have some fresh mango and peaches marinading in rosemary-infused honey/lime sauce...i'm excited about meeting this year's group

dd came home excited about her new intern program...still praying it all comes together w/ her sponsor...we should know soon. I would so have loved working in a doctor's office when I was a senior, but I got the chance to be an 'office manager' instead.

bs&k and I got our workout in a little earlier today so i was able to get more done this afternoon

tickled you found broccoli...hope you like it...i like that recipe...i usually make it for camp meeting. it's really good the day after you make it, too!

sorry your nose hurts; i don't like wiping my nose with sandpaper either...

have a restful night

sara said...

praying for lots of energy!!!

Guess what?!! I made the cuban pork today and oh.my.word that is the BEST thing I have eaten in a long time!!

My house smelled so good all day, I almost couldn't wait till dinner.

Every.single.person in my house loved it....that is a minor miracle!!!!

we are going to try the sandwiches tomorrow!!! my mouth is watering thinking of it!!

here is a great recipe for big crowds:

French Dip

4-5 lb rump roast
1 can campbells french onion soup
1 can campbells beef broth soup
1 can campbells beef consome soup

put it all in the crock pot and cook on low all night or all day. shred the beef and put on hoagie buns with provolone cheese. use broth for dipping

Everyone loves this and if there is extra it freezes well!

sara said...

PS. I would have gotten a picture to show you but our electricity went out just as we sat down to eat...go figure!!!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Wow! You are busy...but having fun! Enjoy! Thanks for dropping by Bloggeritaville~ HOpe to see you tomorrow

Melissa said...

Love hearing what ya'll are doing! You've got a lot of energy - can you bottle that?
I may need that cookbook? Name your price.

rita said...

So cool how your bloggy friends come to your rescue. ¡Qué buenas amigas!
When you come back to the US you'll have to go around and meet them all!
Just one word of advice, with all the company you'll be having: Don't throw out the vegetable broth ;)!