Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One of my (many) little idiosyncrasies

My husband would love it if we could manage to have a completely bare kitchen counter. Free from small appliances or any kind of cooking utensil, ingredient or item. Free from small containers we're recycling or keys or piles of mail. Completely bare, granite sparkling and reflecting light from the vast expanse of its uncluttered surface.

After 30 years with this man I too have an unnatural affection for clean and clear spaces. Not sure I could go with a completely bare kitchen counter but it would be lovely to pare down to a few (very few) useful but decorative canisters and... well, nothing else. Maybe, just maybe a bowl of fruit.

It suddenly dawned on me that my love for clean, clear spaces has spilled over into my blog and I probably have one of the barest pages in Bloggyville. I'm participating in two long-term activities this year and those are the only two buttons on my side bar. In just the last few days I've been invited to grab buttons at no fewer than 9 blogs I read regularly and put on my blog to spread the internet love.

And I can't do it.

I just can't.

It would make my counter side bar too full. As it is I'm thinking about eliminating some things because having just what's there makes me a little antsy. Stuff, too much STUFF!

I can't tell you the joy I felt gazing upon the empty expanse of counter at Centro Esperanza when I took over cups and plates and breakfast things for the guests who will be staying there. In an effort to keep from adding even one item to that counter, I went ahead and set the table and put everything on it instead.

[You can put things on a table. Why that's okay and not the counter, I do not know. That's just the way it is.]

Obviously I have issues.

Not sure whether to ask for prayer or embrace my inner clean counter freak.


skoots1mom said...

i've been working to clear my's hard to do. I recently hung a mirror over our desk in the has three hooks on it...and we use it for our car keys now...yeah!!! keys scratch countertops and tables so it's good to have them up and off of the surfaces.
you've inspired me to take more off my makes cleaning so much easier.

I'm probably needing to clean my blog and my bathroom counters again, too!

Hope this finds all your guest arriving safely...our class went well and they seem eager to get started in this year's Bible study. It will be good to be back in a routine.

gonna go clean up my dishes from the snack I took and clean my countertops again!

Mari said...

I'm with you! I'm trying to keep my counters clear and I have too much on my blog already. I have people that invited me to take a button also and I didn't for the same reason. I could have had a button made when I did my blog makeover, but I don't want to fill other peoples blogs either!

sara said...

it could never happen at my house!! I do look at other's kitchens with clean counter tops and think "wow, that looks so good", but I just have to accept myself (clutter queen) and realize it will never happen!! Why set myself up for failure, right?

Guess what is in my oven?!?! cuban pork sandwich!!!! Can't wait till it comes out!

SusanD said...

hahahaha! embrace it! I'm a clean but my hubby is far worse. He likes everything in its place. It's definitely not a bad thing. Blessings, SusanD

rita said...

Maybe it's a H thing: I hate messy/cluttered/sticky counters! However, it is a REALITY of life at the K's and only getting worse!
Our counter is a wonderful work space and now with pottery going on in this household regularly, it is often used for kneading clay.
I would like to get rid of STUFF, a major goal in retirement and most likely a lifelong discipline.

Christy said...

Definitely embrace it! I'd love to have clean counter tops but I have three kids and each one feels it is his/her mission to dump all their stuff on my cleared counter tops.

Hope all the company's going well!

2Thinks said...

I get issues. I have some. I like relatively clear counters, but somehow I like stuff on my blog. Weird. I like your blog just the way it is :)

Lhoyt said...

Sounds Family-ar, I just happen to be the exception that proves the rule.