Friday, August 7, 2009


...porque voy a "veg" este fin de semana!

Let's hope this early morning foray into Spanish portends a better day with the lengua than yesterday. Every once in a while I seem to hit a wall, and most of what I've learned is JUST GONE! I can't remember vocabulary words I've used a dozen times, forget about trying to conjugate any verb correctly, and my sentence structure falls apart.

Yesterday was like that.

In art class my friend Ivana was back. I was sick and missed several classes in June and then she was gone all of July so it's been a while since I've seen her. Anyway, she was trying to tell me about what she did over the holiday. I'm not sure if she had nose-reduction surgery or if someone in her family did. And I couldn't even think of the right way to frame a question to clarify the matter. (Honestly, I don't remember if her nose was bigger the last time I saw her or not. )

I feel like I know just enough Spanish to be dangerous.

I was supposed to get a haircut but I hadn't managed to get a photo of the style I like yet so I re-scheduled for this morning. Ivan still got his cut though and I was trying to explain to Flor that I wanted to go with a new cut because I was getting new glasses. But initially what I told her was that I bought 9 pair.



My computer must be different than my kids because their directions for capturing a photo on my computer don't work. But in my frustration with it not working I was whipping my mouse round and round on the screen (real helpful, huh?) when suddenly a little box popped up and disappeared just as quickly. BUT in that brief second I noticed it said something about a photo. Sure enough, just holding two fingers on the keypad and clicking once brought up a little menu and the last option was to take a photo. Hallelujah!

So today I'll take my printout of a few photos of the actress Victoria Snow to Flor and see if she can do the same kind of 'do on me. You probably have no idea who Victoria Snow is, since there are LITERALLY NO PHOTOS of her on the internet. She appeared in a recent episode of a show I watched and I became totally distracted by How Much I Liked Her Hair so I couldn't tell you what happened in that episode. Searched the internet for a photo of the actress without success (by the way, most of your google searches for Victoria Snow will provide lots of pretty pictures of SNOW in VICTORIA, Canada. NOT the actress). So anyway, I became obsessed with figuring out how to extract a photo or two from the show to take to Flor.

It has taken me all week.

My computer was not real helpful. A "help" search told me how to turn OFF the iSight camera but nowhere could I find out how to turn it ON. Then a search for how to operate the "Capture Image" that appears in my Applications folder yielded additional instructions THAT DID NOT WORK. Nor did the 'help' directions for opening something called "GRAB" in Utilities. When all else fails, contact the son. He's I.T. guy extraordinaire. But even his instructions failed to work. Pressing command-shift-f4 turned my volume down (regular function of f4 key) but nothing else.

So in my frustration I was just whirling the mouse round and round on the screen...when that little menu popped up long enough for me to glimpse the mention of 'photo'...and finally, FINALLY sweet success.

We'll see if the haircut follows the route of frustration...or success. If you don't hear from me for a few days, you'll know I've gone and buried my head in the sand until my hair grows back.


P.S. On a much more serious note, please pray for my FIL. He's back in the hospital after losing the ability to use his right side. Overall he's just very weak. He fell while going from the bedroom to the living room yesterday morning and it took mom and our daughter both to get him up on the couch. Then my BIL and nephew came and had to carry him out to the car to go to the doctor, who admitted him to the hospital. Obviously this is very hard on my MIL too, so pray for her as well. Thanks!


Christy said...

Here's a tool I've found handy to do screen captures:

Hope the haircut turns out like you want!

Praying for your father-in-law.

Mari said...

I've been trying to figure out how to do photos of the computer also, and haven't accomplished it yet!
Can't wait to see you new haircut - when it happens.
I'll pray for your FIL and family.

Melissa said...

Love your blog! Praying for FIL.

SusanD said...

Sounds like Wednesday's lack of Spanish exercise spilled over into Thursday's Spanish difficulties. It seems you're doing much better at it, even w/ your recent episode.

Will add your FIL and family to prayers.

Found this:

Is this going to be your new look? Hope your Spanish hair stylist can read English pictures. hahaha Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Blessings, SusanD

86 My Social Life said...

its command-->shift-->4
not F4
love you Mom :)

skoots1mom said...

sorry class was so tough...
these computers can be oh, so complicated...
eager to see your hair :)
prayers your F & MIL...may they recuperate quickly and fully

rita said...

'veg' hmmmmm
And how would you say 'Hang out' in Spanish?
Our Spanish students used to make up hilarious translations and we would joke around all the time.
'Colgar afuera' I believe was one of them.
We realized when Amaia was here, how OFTEN we use idioms and expressions that need to be explained. Not always easy.
Great idea to post on FB also!

☼Karen☼ said...

Your Spanish faux pas make me laugh.