Saturday, July 11, 2009

Next to last day in Sta. Rosa

I know, my titles are so creative.

So yesterday on our walk we decided to make use of a parrot's nest we'd come across earlier in the week. Several large limbs from a tree had come down during the last storm, bringing along this nest. "Just the thing," my husband declared, "to put along the lower fence where the neighbor's sheep are getting in."

Getting into the yard and dining on the tiny citrus trees we planted last spring.

We don't have time this trip to properly repair the fence and had been debating all week what to do... String some barbed wire along that spot? Not worry about it until next time?

You're probably wondering, what good is a nest going to do?

Ah, but you've never seen a wild parrot's nest, have you? These things are HUGE, a couple feet around. But more importantly, parrots build their nests with branches and twigs from THORNY trees and bushes. No kidding, some of the thorns in this nest are more than an inch long. Ouch! I want to know, how do the parrots keep from impaling themselves?

Anyway, we're pretty sure the mass of thorns will deter the sheep and other would-be-citrus-tree-eating-animals. We took the wheelbarrow and a shovel (no way were we getting near those thorns ourselves) and gently carted the nest home. Ivan used the shovel to spread the thorny nest around the back fence where it's obvious the sheep are coming in (tufts of wool cling to the wire that is there).

Just call us the Clampetts of home maintenance and repair.

[For those of you too young to recognize the reference, go google Beverly Hillbillies.]

Photos to follow tomorrow on Project 365 IF (and it's a big if) I can get the photos to upload from here. I may end up doing Project 365 on Monday.

Meanwhile we are thoroughly enjoying our week in the country. Yesterday we picked up smoked pork chops at one little shop, saurkraut in another (this is a hard-to-find item except in German communities like Belgrano), and fresh apple strudel in another. Had a fabulous supper last night with all of that plus some mashed potatoes. Found out from a young friend in Germany we should have heated the strudel (next time!) and served it with fresh vanilla sauce (may or may not; kinda hate to cover up any of that apple delicousness).

Today while Ivan cleans and organizes the garage, I'm working on chair cushion covers, and later today we'll head into Belgrano to catch a few of the Chocolate Festival activities (fondue, anyone?).

Since I've been telling you our menu all week, here's what we're having today: lunch will be homemade pizza using some Italian sausage I made and froze a while back, plus lots of fresh vegetables. Supper will likely be hamburgers and oven fries because we'll want something quick and easy when we get back from Belgrano. If we even want supper after indulging in all that chocolate goodness :-)


Mari said...

You Clampetts are brilliant! And funny too!

rita said...

Can't wait to see a photo of the nest fence repair, tho' I'm lost w/the Clampett ref. (am I too old, perhaps?).
And the cena alemana...mmmmm
All the work Ivan is getting done...brings back images of last time Dad was there. He loved to putz around that property and fix things.

Nancy said...

Those nests must be something to see and what a good idea for you to use it. I'm a friend of Mari and found you through her blog.

Sharon said...

...and I'm eating shrimp fried rice from a frozen food carton. So far I've only found two small shrimp.

Anonymous said...

WOW a wild parrots nest... i have never seen one and the parrots should be a gr8 architect to build nest with thorns and without hurting themself... but i should acknowledge that you two are more then architects :)

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2Thinks said...

Now this is what I'm talkin' about. Sheep and parrots nest fence mending adventures. Yes! This is the life I've dreamed of since I wanted the barn.

You are blessed beyond words to be having this experience and then you top it off with

Chocolate?? Can this be real. You better pinch yourself.

Thanks for visiting me today. Love your stories here!