Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Forecast: Sunny and 67°

Hoping to deliver a couple of baby quilts today, take a walk along the lake, try a new recipe and maybe later watch an episode of Kingdom (a very funny show from the BBC in England). Don't you just love Saturdays?!

Last night I tried Lemon Barbeque Meatloaf from the Tasty Kitchen and it was delicious. The recipe was a lot like how I normally make meatloaf, with the addition of lemon juice in the meat mixture and some new spices in the barbeque sauce (cloves and allspice). Definitely a keeper!

The dark chocolate orange layer cake is calling out to me to make it and I just might for our Sunday night meeting. Chocolate plus orange is a flavor combination that I adore.

It's supposed to be sunny today and get up into the mid 60s. I just checked and the forecast (67°) is the same here -- in WINTER -- as it is where our daughter lives -- in SUMMER. Except we'll be having lots of sunshine and it's supposed to rain there. I find that vastly amusing (sorry, sweetie, can't help myself - but if helps, we're supposed to get rain on Monday).

Whatever the weather where you live, hope you have a great weekend!


Mari said...

We are having the exact same weather today too! Sunny and 67! Right now it has made it to 63 degrees which beats yesterdays high. Crazy weather for July but I kind of like it!

rita said...

Great weather here for the RAIN. M was watching the forecast all week and it kept getting better, even the direction of the wind, which is crucial. Hope he's having a great ride across Indiana. I am supposed to go pick him up and hopefully watch him cross the finish line.
No sun yet, so I need to go water my flowers while it's still shady less they get scorched.