Friday, July 3, 2009


(When I'm 100 and she's 96, she'll still be my baby sister)
Her birthday was actually Tuesday but I didn't have my act together beforehand and then Tuesday through Thursday was insanely busy....hoping she agrees that late is better than never. I haven't even had a chance to call her yet, between the schedule and time difference (she lives in California so she's four hours behind us).

I have so many stories I could (and would like to) share but I won't embarrass her too much. teeheehee The fact of the matter is, I was SO excited to become a big sister and from the very start was totally enamored of the wailing, flailing, red wrinkled baby that my mom brought home from the hospital. Way better than a silly old plastic doll. Her eyes would follow me around the room, she tried to talk to me, she smiled at me. Oh my word, having a baby sister was the best thing in the world!

Growing up we had our share of sisterly spats (our mom once told us that if we got into one more fight and bent my glasses again, I could just wear them crooked because she wasn't taking them back in to get fixed one.single.more.time.) but as with most siblings, no one else had better mess with the other.

We're best buddies today and hate that we live so far apart. One of our dreams has always been to live next door to each other -- or at least in the same town. Even the same state would do. We have such fun together! Of course with our shared history, we have a sort of short-hand in communicating. A look or expression, a word or phrase will set us off...into hysterical laughter, insane imitations, rolled eyes, or silent contemplation.

Our dad was a mechanic. Well, actually a tool & die guy, but bottom line, he could fix ANYTHING. And two more inept mechanically DISinclined daughters, you'll never hope to meet. I don't think I've ever seen him quite so frustrated as when my sister didn't check her oil (ever!) and the engine seized up. His oft repeated phrase "Oil is cheaper than metal" has became a refrain our daughter hears a lot now, and I'm sure my sister's daughters will hear in the future. LOL

We're polar opposites in personality. When I graduated from college I threw a huge party (hey, it took thirteen years!) whereas she didn't even tell ME when graduation was until it was over. She and her husband went out to dinner to quietly celebrate her accomplishment. I'm a communication major and it's blah, blah, blah all the time. She earned her degree in occupational therapy and spent happy years helping people regain skills as they recuperated from accidents or major medical crises.

But we're alike in a lot of ways, too. Today she's a stay at home mom who is homeschooling her kids like I did mine. We both love to read, talk politics and scrapbook. Being a part of a faith community keeps us grounded. Family is a priority. Not just immediate family, but the extended one. She's much better at this than I am, but keeping connected is important to us. The idea that we came from a people and BELONG. Chocolate makes us very, very happy.

My sister is an amazing woman. She started her family a little later than most, after being married 16 years. I admire her no end because quite honestly, the THOUGHT of having little ones at this point EXHAUSTS me. She has two beautiful little girls that keep her busy with not only homeschooling, but all the typical extra activities...Brownies, gymnastics, drama group, swim lessons...depending on the time of year, they always have something going on!

She has the gift of ENCOURAGEMENT. She's also a very discerning person and I appreciate her insight and wisdom in so many areas. Her thought is always for the other person, how to make them feel comfortable, how to help, how to bless.

And blessed is how I feel to have you as my sister, Beth. I hope your WHOLE WEEK has been extra special!


JonMagic said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Beth!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

What a wonderful birthday tribute to your sister. Your love for her is so very evident!

How very blesses you are to have a bond such as this in your life!


skoots1mom said...

what a sweet tribute and remembrance too...great picture...where is that? I'd love to be in the snow right now...we're hitting 90* today

just got back from getting my hair trimmed...some groceries and a watermelon for the 4th, of course!

hubby's cutting the front bushes...and dd is HELPING :)

Watching a little Wimbledon while i clean kitchen and get some lunch ready...Roddick and far, it's very close...I love close singles matches. I miss playing. woop...Roddick just took the first set. GO USA!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Beth! She sounds like a wonderful sister!

Debbie said...

She does sound like an amazing woman. I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

rita said...

Beautiful tribute! Loved learning about Beth!