Friday, July 17, 2009

Sharing Good Stuff

This week has gone by so fast! I did finish baby quilt #2 yesterday. Barely. It was 11:30 p.m. when I tied off the last thread of the binding. Whew! I'll be posting photos of them both on Sunday with Project 365.

Meanwhile I wanted to share some online goodies we've found lately. It's a hodge podge to be sure, but I think there's bound to be something for everyone :-)

First up, there may be a few who are not yet aware of Pioneer Woman's new food site. Oh.My.Word! Good food from all over... hop on over to the Tasty Kitchen, meet some new friends and try some new recipes.

My son came across the link to this quilting resource and forwarded it to me. If you're into making traditional quilts, this looks to be a very helpful site.

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned before that my FIL is in the advanced stages of alzheimers. Not sure who sent this link to my husband, but we both found it a very moving and helpful video. It's 30 minutes long but well worth the time. Absolutely the best I've seen to help children understand the disease.

I laughed myself silly over Debbie's latest post. Usually a little irreverent and always hysterical. What will that woman think of next?!

On a more serious note, Mari's reminder about how God loves us deserves a hearty AMEN! Loved the analogy in this story.

I've also been blessed and encouraged by what Steve and Bonnie have been sharing. My friend Christy talked about them in a post so I went over to check out the blog that Steve began as a way of keeping friends and family updated after Bonnie was diagnosed with leukemia on May 12. She'd gone to the doctor on May 11 to see why she couldn't shake a lingering cold. Steve stayed at the hospital with her, helping care for her, and not going home to spend the night until June 22 when he himself was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins diffused large B-cell lymphoma. And even then, he was home for a night and then back to the hospital, and able to joke about the two of them going bald together as they both went through chemo.

I spent two hours that first night, reading through the entire blog. Their story that began just over two months ago is inspiring on so many levels. Let's pray for them, 'kay?

Almost forgot, Good Bite "brings together the web's most popular food bloggers to discuss food, share recipes, and present step-by-step 'how-to' videos." [It ALWAYS comes back to the food, doesn't it?] Love this site and I think you will too!

No special plans for the weekend -- except with all the foody inspiration I may have to try some new recipes. What about you?


Mari said...

I love Debbies posts! The new Pioneer Women site is wonderful. I'm going to check out Steve and Bonnie.

sara said...

congrats on finishing the quilt!!

I am looking forward to visiting some of these sites....maybe today as I am not feeling good again and have been on the sofa for most of it.

be sure to tell us what recipes you try!

Debbie said...

You are so sweet! I didn't even have to click to see if it was me since you used the word "irreverant". That had to be me!
What an accomplishment to finish the quilt. Can't wait to see the photos.

rita said...

I tried THREE times yesterday to post a comment and kept losing them, computer problems. Grrrrrrr....
Anyway, I cried with the video, laughed with the crazy Deb post :) and enjoyed the random good stuff.
Thanks for your comment re. my idea. If there had been no response, I would have given it up.
I will post the first photo, after I water my plants!

☼Karen☼ said...

Kim, I just found a new food blog (well, new to me.) It's written by the daughter of my pastor. You can find it at I think you'd enjoy it.